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Men's West End Premier Cricket Update FAQs

Men's West End Premier Cricket Competition Update FAQs

Q. What is this Consultation process about?

We intend to consult with the Premier Cricket Committee and Premier Clubs over a three-month period on a proposal to implement a two-division structure in Men’s first and second Grade Competitions.

Club consultations commence from 10 May. Player and coaches’ information session will be held on 25th May. Feedback will be open until 29 July.

Q: When does SACA want this new structure to start?

We are targeting Season 2023/24.

Q: Which clubs will be in division one and division two?

Through the consultation process we intend to finalise the structure of the two-division competition, with a starting point of six division-one teams and seven division-two teams. It is proposed selection will be based on the club’s ladder position in the two-day competition at the end of the minor round 2022/23 season. We welcome club feedback on this proposal.

Q: How will the promotion/relegation system work in following years?

The club that wins the two-day competition in second division would be promoted to division one. The bottom team in division one would be relegated to division two.

Q: What happens when Contracted Players end up in division 2?

Contracted players will continue to play for their clubs when available. We do not see selection being compromised by the model as all performances will continue to be assessed for state selection, including Premier Cricket, trials, Second XI and Redbacks performances.

Q: Will this proposal affect second grade?

Yes, it is proposed second grade would mirror the first-grade two division proposal effectively becoming a “reserves” team. This would ensure current home and away scheduling can be managed between first and second grade cricket and optimise facility usage to be playing on the best ovals. We welcome club feedback on this proposal.

Q: How will be third and fourth Grades be impacted?

This proposal does not specifically focus on the 3rd/4th Grade competition.

Q: Will the Women’s Competition be changing too?

As a stand-alone competition, the women’s competition would not be impacted by this change.

Q: How will Juniors Competition be impacted?

There is currently no alignment between the men’s and junior’s fixtures. This would remain unchanged.

Q: What happens to our Club funding?

No Club would be worse off for SACA funding under this proposal. We recognise SACA, and therefore Club funding has been impacted by consequences of COVID-19 and our immediate focus is to secure SACA’s financial position and rebuild Club funding and support.

Q: What happens at the end of the three-month Consultation period?

At the conclusion of the consultation period SACA will assessing all feedback on the proposal and inform the Premier Cricket Committee and Premier Clubs of a final decision.

Q: How can others in the Premier Cricket Community provide feedback?

Clubs are encouraged to seek the views of their players, coaches and volunteers before submitting their feedback.

Input can also be provided via