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2021-22 Membership FAQs

The Member Services team has collated a list of common questions which can give you some clarity on what the coming season and membership program may look like. We expect that circumstances will continue to change but are optimistic about the summer ahead. We will keep you informed as more details become available.

Will I have to ballot this season? 

We will not be able to confirm this until closer to the Test match.

While seated capacity of SACA Members Area is known, total capacity remains unknown, and this along with whether all attendees require an allocated seat is what will ultimately determine whether a ballot is required or not.

Will Members be seated outside of the traditional Members’ Area (i.e. in the eastern stand)? 

No. So that Members had the best possible chance to attend every day of last year's Test, additional seats were made available to Members in the Riverbank and eastern stands.

With 100% expected seated capacity, only the traditional Member seating areas would be used for SACA Members this season, this includes the western stands, level three of the Riverbank Stand and a number of bays on level five of the Riverbank Stand 

Will I be able to purchase a Transferable Associate Card this year? 

Due to the uncertainty surrounding total capacity of the SACA Members Area and ensuring where possible access is prioritised for SACA Members, Transferable Associate Cards will not be made available during member renewals this season.

If capacity permits, guest passes will be made available to purchase and the availability of these will be communicated to SACA Members via email closer to the date of the respective match.

 Can you guarantee that I can purchase a transferable day pass for the Test match? 

It is too early to confirm the availability of transferable day or guest passes.

Will I get a physical Membership card this season?

In line with Adelaide Oval's COVID Management Plan, Members are required to have an allocated seat upon entry to Adelaide Oval for match days.

To this end, there will be no need for physical Member Cards. You will instead retrieve your ticket electronically for each match day that you are attending (similar to last year).

Will there be a Village Green? 

Yes, we are planning for the traditional Village Green with increased capacity and food and beverage outlets in full operation for the entirety of the Test Match. 

 Will there be a dedicated Members’ Area? 

Yes. The traditional Members’ Area will be back with cross-over entry points. 

 Will the SACA Member Dress Standards be enforced? 

Yes. Dress standards will be re-introduced with the return of the Members’ Area. 

 Why were there empty seats last year when the ballot sold out? 

Unfortunately, a number of Members who balloted  and redeemed seats last season did not attend.

We ask Members to only ballot for and redeem seats for the days they will attend.

Additionally, with every seat allocated to an individual, many seats were left empty while Members enjoyed the benefits of being a SACA Member, including attending Test Match Dining and the Village Green.

What happens if there are more seats than balloting Members? 

If spare seats are available following the ballot, it’s expected that these will be made available to purchase by SACA Members as guest passes. 

If I purchase a transferable day pass can I sit with the person using the pass? 

Yes. If transferable guest passes are available, you will be able to purchase these prior to the ticket redemption process, ensuring you and your guest are seated together.  

What will the Membership fee be this year? 

2021-22 SACA Membership fees have been published on your renewal letter and email. 

 Will children under 10 be granted free attendance? 

To ensure that Member access is prioritised where possible, and given current COVID-19 restrictions and requirements, Members’ rights to bring children or grandchildren under the age of 10 may be limited on certain match days.

This will be determined by capacity. We will endeavour to provide access where feasible and update Members via email closer to each respective match.

 Will I be able to put my membership on hold for the season? 

Yes, recognising that not everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of their membership this summer, Members can join the Absentee List.

If Adelaide Oval is back to 100% Capacity, why is SACA Membership still impacted?

It’s been encouraging to see Adelaide Oval return to a 100% seated capacity throughout the football season and while this is an improvement on the situation we faced last season, the requirement for all attendees to have an allocated reserved seat, means the total capacity of the SACA Members Area remains significantly below what it would be in a traditional season.

Why has no upfront credit/discount been offered to Membership Fees this year?

SACA has increased optimism heading into this season that the full fixtured summer of cricket will be delivered.

While we accept there will be challenges, SACA is working hard to ensure this is delivered and that Member access is prioritised throughout.

In the event Member access to matches or days of fixtured cricket are adversely impacted or lost; a credit program has been approved to fairly compensate Members by way of credit against their 2022-23 Membership fees.

Are public tickets still available for the Vodafone Ashes Test Match?

Yes, tickets to all days of the scheduled Vodafone Men’s Second Ashes Test Match at Adelaide Oval are currently still available and can be purchased online at or in person at a Ticketek outlet.

Information current at 12 August 2021