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SACA Annual Report  |  Financial Statements

South Australian Cricket Association Constitution

SACA Constitution

South Australian Cricket Association By-Laws

SACA By-Laws*
Includes the Prescribed Standards and Members Conduct Terms of Reference

*SACA’s Membership By-Laws were updated on 17 July 2023. The updates reflect changes to the Reserved Seat Membership class entitlements and introduce an annual limit to the total number of Transferable Associate Cards that can be sold each season. Provisions relating to COVID-19 for the 2022-23 season have also been removed.


Should your circumstances change, or you need to provide SACA with updated details, please refer to the relevant form below. All forms are in PDF format, which can be completed and returned electronically. 

Annual General Meeting Proxy Form (PDF)

Death of a SACA Member [PDF]

Change of Name [PDF]

Change of Address [PDF]

SACA Member Waitlist Application [PDF]
You can also complete this online here

SACA Member Priority Waitlist Application [PDF]
You must first complete an online SACA Member Waitlist application form here

2023/24 SACA Member Absentee Application Form [PDF]

SACA Member Resignation [PDF]

Reciprocal Rights - forms for SACA Members and Interstate / Overseas Reciprocal Members 

Mobility Impaired Seating Request - online form

Mobility Impaired Seating Form [PDF]

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