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Super Cricket

SACA Super Cricket is a fun, fast and social competition, with shorter matches and smaller teams than traditional cricket.



Super Cricket offers shortened mid-week and weekend matches, meaning less time commitment, while playing in a fun and relaxed environment. The competition is ideal for those with limited time who are not able to commit to a full-length cricket season.

NB: From season 2019-20 all competitions run by SACA, including Super Cricket, will include the British Standard helmets mandate in their playing conditions. 

Disability Social Pairs competition
This season for the first time SACA is launching a Super Cricket competition, tailored to suit people with a disability. Each batting pair faces four overs, and the soft ball means no protective equipment is required. No previous cricketing experience is required to give it a go, with one centre to run in the south of Adelaide and one in the north. Please refer to the table below for further program details.

Express your interest here for Disability Social Pairs.

Spring T20 competition
Once again, SACA is offering a Sunday T20 competition on turf wickets. Matches are played with a white ball, similar to a BBL or T20 international match. Registrations for the Spring T20 competition have now closed.

Spring T12 competition
SACA's popular T12 competition is back with its short and fast format an attraction to many. Each batter receives a free hit on their first ball faced, plus the experience of playing with a pink ball during twilight hours in the Parklands. The Spring T12 competition is the best way to enjoy cricket in a social, yet organised, setting against like-minded opposition. Only eight players required per team. Registrations for the Spring T12 competition have now closed.

Women’s Social Pairs competition
The Women’s Social Pairs competition will launch again this season with matches to be played for FREE on Thursdays at Edwardstown Ovals and on Fridays at the Karen Rolton Oval precinct. Registrations for the Women's Social Pairs competition have now closed. 

Riverland T12 Competition

SACA is spreading the Super Cricket revolution with its first edition in a regional area. Running on weeknights across October, this T12 competition,with only eight players required per team, is a fast and fun way to play with and against mates in a social atmosphere. Teams play with a pink ball and each batter receives a free hit on their first ball faced. Applications for the Riverland T12 competition have now closed.

For Super Cricket enquiries, contact SACA Super Cricket Coordinator Jordan Capel at

  Disability Social Pairs Men's Spring T20  Spring T12  Women's Social Pairs  Riverland T12 
Day  North – Tuesdays
South - Wednesdays

Sunday Mon, Wed or Thurs evenings Thursday/Friday Wednesday evenings
Time  6pm - 7:30pm 10am, 1:10pm and 4:15pm 5:15pm and 6:35pm 6pm 5:15pm and 6:35pm

North - 12 Nov to 3 Dec
South - 13 Nov to 11 Dec

20 Oct -  8 Dec (8 weeks) 23 Oct - 4 Dec (7 weeks) 31 Oct - 6 Dec (6 weeks) 2 Oct - 30 Oct (5 weeks)
Location North - Salisbury West Cricket Club
South - Mitchell Park Cricket Club
West Beach Playing Fields Victoria Park and other hard-wicket locations Edwardstown Ovals/Karen Rolton Oval precinct Hard-wickets across Loxton, Berri, Renmark, Waikerie
Ball  Soft (no protective equipment required) White (hard, 156gm) Pink (hard, 156gm) Soft (no protective equipment required) Pink (hard, 156gm)
Players per side 6 11 8 6 8
Overs per side 12 20 12 12 12
Cost per match Free

$12 per player per match or $120 per team

$10 per player, $80 per team FREE  $10 per player, $80 per team
Registrations close 9pm, 6 Nov 9pm, 13 Oct 9pm, 16 Oct 9pm, 23 Oct 5pm 25 Sept