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Multicultural Cricket

SACA is committed to making cricket the favourite sport for all South Australians. Cricket has long been a significant part of many cultures, with it now played in over 100 countries.

SACA is committed to making cricket the favourite sport for all South Australians. Cricket has long been a significant part of many cultures, with it now played in over 100 countries. Sport, and cricket in particular, has proven to be a great way to bring different cultural groups together to promote greater acceptance and understanding. 

Multicultural Cricket Advisory Committee of South Australia (MCACSA)

MCACSA is an advisory platform, introduced to facilitate a partnership between multicultural people and South Australian cricket. MCACSA’s activities are aimed at enhancing the involvement of people at all levels in Australia’s favourite sport.

MCACSA will provide advice on growing participation in cricket and assist SACA in interfacing with other sporting codes and organisations to share resources to facilitate delivery and engagement. MCACSA will also assist on cultural engagement and policy advice that will further develop the involvement of Multicultural people across SACA.

Click here to read the MCACSA terms of reference.

MCACSA Members: Matt Lucas, Deepak Bhardwaj, Bijaya Joshi, Saru Rana, Mansoor Hashimi, Hiba Alwani, Najam Hassan, Jordan Capel, Nasir Hussain, Duminda Kottahachchi, Ray Caird, Irfan Hashmi, Gagan Sharma

The Friendship Cup/Super Cricket

The Friendship Cup arose from the legacy of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, where local Pakistan and India players came together to compete for the inaugural Friendship Cup, ahead of their two nations battling it out on Adelaide Oval in February of 2015.

The Friendship Cup has now transitioned into Super Cricket, which is open to people of all nationalities and abilities. The 2019-20 Super Cricket season saw over 1000 participants from a variety of nationalities compete in either T20 or T12 formats. The Super Cricket competition has expanded to offer cricket all year round and also includes a women's offering, which has proven popular amongst multicultural communities. 

Click here to find out more about Super Cricket.

Affiliation Program

The Club Support Program enables SACA to support clubs to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all participants, ensuring all clubs are meeting minimum Child Safe practices. It also provides coverage for public liability, personal injury and club management liability (incorporated clubs only).

Questions regarding the Club Support Program can be directed to your SACA Club Officer, or Club and Association Officer Rachel Heywood at,au.

For more information, visit 

Junior World Cup

The Junior World Cup is a celebration of cricket amongst multicultural communities within South Australia. The inaugural Junior World Cup took place in 2019 when six nationalities took part in the festival of cricket. The event is an opportunity for club registered players to be involved with a nation specific Under-10 or Under-12 team representing their country within SA Cricket. 

In 2020, nine different nationalities took part in the event. They were Aboriginal, Afghanistan, Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The hope is for this event to continue to incorporate more nationalities on a yearly basis and be a platform for multicultural children to take their cricketing skills to the next level in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Cultural Advice for Clubs

SACA encourages all local cricket clubs to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all participants. With guidance from MCACSA and other key multicultural stakeholders, SACA has developed a Cultural Advice for Clubs Handbook which looks to up-skill cricket clubs and volunteers on key cultural learnings. This resource will be beneficial for clubs who are looking to create an inclusive and diverse atmosphere for players and families within their club.

For more information on multicultural cricket options, contact SACA Diversity and Inclusion Officer David Penn at