SACA 2023/24 Representative Carnivals awards

Congratulations to all the award winners at our SACA 2023/24 Representative Carnivals! See a full list below.

UNDER 16 GIRLS 2023/24 Country Carnival

Winners: Eyre Peninsula

Batting Trophy: Tessie Kennedy (Barossa & Light)

Bowling Trophy: Chelsea Shepperd (Eyre Peninsula) and Jessica Paley (Barossa & Light)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Kiara Gleeson (Fleurieu & Districts)

Fielding Trophy: Madelon Camilleri (Mid North)

Player of the Carnival: Ella Simpson (Eyre Peninsula) and Jessica Paley (Barossa & Light)

Spirit of Cricket: Fleurieu & Districts

Team of the Year:

Tessie Kennedy – Barossa & Light
Bridget Slattery – Mid North
Madelon Camilleri – Mid North
Ella Simpson – Eyre Peninsula
Macy Hartwig – Eyre Peninsula
Jessica Paley – Barossa & Light
Chelsea Shepperd – Eyre Peninsula
Gracie Lloyd – Fleurieu & Districts
Scarlett Hunt – Eyre Peninsula  
Ellie Dabinett – South East
Anna Bald – South East
Kiara Gleeson (wk) - Fleurieu & Districts

UNDER 16 GIRLS 2023/24 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Ivy Hobbs (South Central)

Bowling Trophy Mia Landrigan (Adelaide Turf) and Riya Gupta (Adelaide Turf)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Claire Holden (Adelaide Turf)

Fielding Trophy: Ivy Hobbs (South Central)

Player of the Carnival: Ivy Hobbs (South Central)

Spirit of Cricket: South Central

Team of the Year:

Ivy Hobbs – South Central
Mia Landrigan – Adelaide Turf
Riya Gupta – Adelaide Turf
Dana Court – South Central
Zahra Williams – South Central
Oliva Napier – South Central
Belinda Cheary – Adelaide Turf
Anne Dubois – Adelaide Turf
Katie Mcinnes Northcott – Para Districts
Mackenzie Holy – Adelaide Turf
Cadence Murdoch – Adelaide Turf
Claire Holden (wk) – Adelaide Turf

UNDER 16 BOYS 2023/24 Country Carnival

Winners: Eyre Peninsula

Batting Trophy: Jack Ryan (Barosa & Light)

Bowling Trophy: Dusty Symonds (Eyre Peninsula), Harry Hicks (South East) and Jarrah Reidy (Eyre Peninsula)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Mitchell Westrych (Fleurieu & Districts)

Fielding Trophy: Max Johnston (South East)

Player of the Carnival: Jack Ryan (Barossa & Light) and Liam Edmunds (Barossa & Light)

Spirit of Cricket: South East

Team of the Year:

Jack Ryan – Barossa & Light
Mitchell Westrych (wk) – Fleurieu & Districts
Riley Lang – Eyre Peninsula
Harry Rennie – Yorke Peninsula
Harvey Crane – Murray Districts/Barrier
Coby Bigg – Mid North
Liam Wisneske – Murray Districts/Barrier
Dusty Symonds – Eyre Peninsula
Harry Hicks – South East
Samuel White – Fleurieu & Districts
Riley Mcdermid – Mid North
Liam Edmunds – Barossa & Light 

UNDER 16 BOYS 2023/24 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Heath Weyer (South Central)

Bowling Trophy: Mason Rees (South Central)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Shivansh Bisht (South Central)

Fielding Trophy: Archie Robertson (Adelaide Turf)

Player of the Carnival: Roy Rana (Adelaide Turf)

Spirit of Cricket: Adelaide Turf

Team of the Year:

Heath Weyer – South Central
Hamish Watson – South Central
Hayden Barbulovic – North Eastern
Liam Benson – South Central
Bailey Thompson – Para Districts
Ryan Sharma – Adelaide Turf
Mason Rees – South Central
Roy Rana – Adelaide Turf
Reece Knevitt – Para Districts
Jamison Billing – North Eastern
Arunesh Ghosh – North Eastern
Shivansh Bisht – South Central

UNDER 14 BOYS 2023/24 Country Carnival

Winners: Barossa & Light

Batting Trophy: Riley Nottle (Barossa & Light)

Bowling Trophy: Ryder Lindner (South East)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Archer Haylock (Eyre Peninsula)

Fielding Trophy: Tate Boxer (Eyre Peninsula)

Player of the Carnival: James Ryan (Fleurieu & Districts)

Spirit of Cricket: (Eyre Peninsula)

Team of the year:

Riley Nottle – Barossa & Light
Harvey Iredale – Barossa & Light
James Ryan – Fleurieu & Districts
Shepherd Humpries – Murray Districts/Barrier
Ryder Lindner – South East
William Miller – Yorke Peninsula
Lachlan Johnson – Barrossa & Light
Hayden Pitcher – Felureiu & Districts
Noah Murch – Barossa & Light
William Adams – Mid North
Lochie Hazelgrove – Eyre Peninsula
Archer Haylock – Eyre Peninsula

UNDER 14 BOYS 2023/24 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Connor Gregory (Adelaide Turf)

Bowling Trophy: Dhhruv Dwivedi (South Central)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Jonah Williams (NEJCA)

Fielding Trophy: Samarbeer Sandhu (Western Suburbs)

Player of the Carnival: Archie Little (NEJCA)

Spirit of Cricket: Western Suburbs Juniors

Team of the Year:  

Connor Gregory – Adelaide Turf
Nathaniel McCleary – Adelaide Turf
Jikar Singh – Adelaide Turf
Anuj Rao – South Central
Dhhruv Dwivedi – South Central
Archie Little – NEJCA
William Powell – Adelaide Turf
Abhijot Sandhu – Para Districts
Eli Gaerth – Adelaide Turf
Toby Siddons – Adelaide Turf
Cooper Lawson – Adelaide Turf
Jonah Williams – NEJCA

UNDER 12 BOYS 2023/24 Country Carnival

Winners: Barossa & Light

Batting Trophy: George Gogoll (Baross & Light)

Bowling Trophy: Archie Ryan (Baross & Light), Pacey Duldig (South East) and Hudson (Eyre Peninsula)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Thomas Handbury (South East)

Fielding Trophy: Luka Labuschagne (Fleurieu & Districts), Pacey Duldig (South East) and Ty Roberts (Mid North)

Player of the Carnival: Bridget Slattery (Mid North), Pacey Duldig (South East), Riley Averats (Fleurieu & Districts) and Rydah Collins (Murray Districts / Barrier)

Spirit of Cricket: Upper North and Fleurieu & Districts

Team of the Year:

George Gogoll – Barossa & Light
Bridget Slattery – Mid North
Rydah Collins – Murray Districts/Barrier
Darcy Walsh – Yorke Peninsula
Thomas Handbury (wk) -South East
Gabriel Treagus – Eyre Peninsula
Archie Ryan – Baross & Light
Pacey Duldig – South East
Hudson – Eyre Peninsula
Jackson Murphy – Eyre Peninsula
Riley Averats – Fleurieu & Districts
Remi Richardson – Eyre Peninsula

UNDER 12 BOYS 2023/24 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Pal Hridaan Singh (Para Districts)

Bowling Trophy: Austin Mayers (Adelaide Turf)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Rohan Dogra (NEJCA)

Fielding Trophy: Oliver Thompson (NEJCA)

Player of the Carnival: Austin Myers (Adelaide Turf) and Seb Deans (Adelaide Turf)

Spirit of Cricket: NEJCA

Team of Year:

Pal Hridaan Singh – Para Districts
Curtis Clifton - Para Districts
Seb Deans – Adelaide Turf
Harrison Siddle – Adelaide Turf
Tyler Freeborn – Western Suburbs
Jonah Siddons – Adelaide Turf
Austin Mayers – Adelaide Turf
Jaxon Witt – South Central
Chase Clark – Adelaide Turf
Harry Wood – Adelaide Turf
Logan Burckhardt – Western Suburbs
Rohan Dogra (wk) – NEJCA


Winners: Alice Springs

Batting Trophy: Daniel Kerber 288 Runs (Northern)

Bowling Trophy: Ryan Siebert (Eyre Peninsula) 9 Wickets

Arch Grosvenor Wicketkeeping Trophy:  Daniel Kerber (Northern)

Cec Starr Player of the Carnival: Daniel Kerber (Northern)

Fielding Trophy: Alex Hentschke (South East) and Michael Klein-Boonschate (Alice Springs)

Spirit of Cricket: Eyre Peninsula

Team of the Year:

Daniel Kerber (wk) – Northern
Brad Rosenzweig - Murray Districts / Barrier
Ben Ellis – Alice Springs
Tobias Hack – Murray Districts / Barrier
Tom Moyle-Read – South East
Angus Handke - Barossa & Light
Austin Smith – Yorke Peninsula
Joshua Andrews - Murray Districts / Barrier
Todd Schumann – Eyre Peninsula
Luke Harrop – Yorke Peninsula
Ryan Siebert - Eyre Peninsula
Harry Melzer – Alice Springs
Alex Hentschke – South East

Photo credit: Peter Argent

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