SACA Member Waitlist FAQs

Waitlist FAQs

Waitlist FAQs

What happens once I've lodged my application form?

You will be sent an email (or letter if you don't have an email address) acknowledging your application within a few weeks. If you have an email address, you may receive periodic email updates about the SACA.

How long is the wait for SACA Membership?

The wait is determined by the number of SACA Membership offers made each year. The current estimate is a three year wait.

How often is SACA Membership offered?

Typically once a year. Offers are made at the SACA Board's discretion.

Is there a cost to join the SACA waitlist?

Yes - a once-off $40 fee applies to all waitlist applications.

Are there any ongoing wait list fees?

No - there are no other fees due until your name reaches the top of the waiting list and you are offered SACA Membership.

How do I know that my name has reached the top of the list?

SACA will contact you by email at the end of June if you are to receive a letter of offer for the upcoming season. Please ensure your contact details are kept up-to-date at all times. You can update your contact details here.

What fees are applicable on joining?

A once-off entrance fee (currently $320) and the annual subscription (currently $395 adults and $225 juniors). The entrance free is waived for Junior Members.

Do I have to take up the SACA Membership in the year I receive my offer?

Applicants aged 15 years and over:
If you choose not to accept the offer of SACA Membership, your membership offer will be cancelled and your name will not be added to the end of the waitlist. You will be required to re-apply to the waitlist if you wish to receive another Membership offer in the future.
Applicants aged 10-14 years:
If you choose not to accept the offer of SACA Membership your waitlist position will be preserved and you will be re-offered at age 15. If you wish to take up the deferred offer before the age of 15 you can do so by contacting SACA.

Can I become a SACA Big Bash Member whilst I wait for my offer of Full, Country or Junior Membership?

Yes, persons on the SACA Waitlist can join SACA Big Bash Membership whilst waiting for their offers of Full, Country or Junior Membership (Membership). To become a SACA Big Bash Member whilst you wait for your offer of Membership, please click here or contact SACA Member Services on (08) 8300 3232.

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