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SACA Members' Area

SACA Members' Area

The SACA Members' Area is the place to be at Adelaide Oval during the cricket season - famous for it's exclusive Bodyline Bar, views of the players' training nets, and who could forget the iconic Village Green.

For the 2022-23 international cricket season, seating in the SACA Members' Area for Full, Country, Junior, and Reserved Seat Members is located in the western stand, plus level 3 and sections of level 4 of the Riverbank Stand. For SACA Big Bash Members, this applies to the 2022-23 Big Bash season only.

Seating in the SACA Members' Area is non-allocated, with seats are available on a first come, first serve basis (except for Bays 304 & 305 which are reserved for the Reserved Seat Members’ Area/ Daily Seat Holds).

Please see below for the Adelaide Oval map, including the SACA Members' Area.

Reserved Seat Members' Area

For the 2022-23 international cricket season, seating for Reserved Seat Members will be in level 3 of the western stand, Bays 304 and 305 (with a specific seat within this area allocated to the Reserved Seat Member for the whole season).

Reserved Seat Members and Reserved Seat Transferable Associate Card holders are not entitled a reserved seat for Sheffield Shield matches, WNCL matches at Adelaide Oval or any other match days where level 3 of the western stand is not open. They are however still entitled to access the unreserved, first come, first served seating in the SACA Members’ Area for such matches.

Please see below for the Reserved Seat Members' Area map.

SACA Members' Area Dress Code

The SACA Members’ Area dress standard will apply on entrance to the SACA Member's Area on cricket match days, including cricket match-day dining.

SACA Members are encouraged to review the dress standards prior to attending a cricket match or Member event. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are aware of SACA Member Dress standards.

SACA reserves the right to refuse entry to any Member or guest, if it is deemed that they are unsuitably attired. The dress standards apply for all patrons over 10 years of age. We ask you to please ensure your guests are also aware of updated SACA Members’ Area Dress Standards, as these apply to all patrons 10 years of age and over.

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SACA Members' Area map:



SACA Reserved Seat Members' Area map: