Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking an Event

Learn more about the ways in which you can reserve your place at a Member Event.

Booking Terms and Conditions  

How to Book

To book any Member events you must be a financial SACA Member for the 2022-23 cricket season. 

Please note that SACA Big Bash Members can only book BBL match day events and will be notified if second priority bookings to non-BBL match day events are made available to book.

You must be over 18 years of age to book or attend the event.

A discount will not be offered for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Bookings can be made online or by phone. To secure your booking, you must pay in full for your booking immediately; otherwise the booking will not be taken or reserved. Bookings will be taken on a "first come first served" basis until the allocated seating capacity for the event is exhausted. If the seating capacity for your chosen event is exhausted, you can still place your name on a waitlist (at no charge).

Members wishing to sit together on a table should complete one booking. It is the responsibility of the booking Member to arrange payment through one transaction (individual payments will not be taken).


Click here to book online.

Note - If you do not remember your online password, you can click this link now to reset your password.


To book by phone please call (08) 8300 3232 between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Do not call the SACA Reception phone number as you will need to hang up and call the Membership booking line directly on (08) 8300 3232.


Any bookings sent in via email will not be processed until the end of each working day (and will be subject to availability). Priority will be given to online and phone bookings.

Members' Dining Dress Standards

For Members attending Members' Dining, we advise that the Members' Area Dress Code applies. For more information on the dress code, please click here.

Conditions of Booking

It is important to note that SACA will offer no refunds once a booking has been confirmed by payment, unless the event does not go ahead.

Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary requirements, please notify SACA Membership on (08) 8300 3232 or at the time of booking. 


AFL Booking Terms and Conditions  

Ticket Sales

1. Only current 2022-23 Full and Country Members (Members) are eligible to purchase tickets for SACA Member 2023 AFL Match-Day Hospitality Events held at Adelaide Oval’s SACA Committee Room and/or Gil Langley Room (Events).
2. Tickets for Events can be purchased by Members online or over the phone.
3. Subject to having purchased tickets for the relevant Event(s) and subject to these Terms and Conditions (Terms), Members and their guests (Guests) may attend Events.
4. Tickets purchased by Members for Events are subject to these Terms.
5. A Member’s Guest may, but need not, be a Member.
6. The booking Member must be in attendance at the Event.
7. Tickets will be sold on a “first come, first served” basis until sold out and availability will be subject to any applicable capacity constraints that may apply from time to time.
8. Members can purchase a maximum of:

8.1 4 tickets (i.e. for themselves and three other persons) for each “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” Event as specified on the SACA website from time to time ; and
8.2 2 tickets (i.e. for themselves and one other person) for each “Tier 1” Event as specified on the SACA website from time to time (which includes Showdowns).

Seating and Dietary Requirements

9. Members are to advise of any dietary requirements at the time of purchasing a ticket.
10. Subject to clause 7, Members may, at the time of purchasing a ticket, select from the SACA Committee Room or the Gil Langley Room.
11. Any special seating requests must be made at the time of booking. While requests cannot be guaranteed, SACA will endeavour to accommodate such requests.


12. Catering inclusions may differ between Tier 1, 2 and 3 Events, as specified on SACA’s website from time to time.
13. A discount will not be offered for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages.


14. For a Member or their Guest to obtain access to an Event, the booking Member's photo ID must be shown.
15. Entry to Events is via smartphone ticketing only. Physical printed tickets are not issued.
16. Members and Guests must:

16.1 comply with all venue Conditions of Entry, as may be published from time to time at; and
16.2 comply with all government guidance, directives or requirements aimed at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or otherwise pertaining to COVID-19 (including any subsequent strain or variant).

No Minors

17. A person must be over 18 years of age to book or attend an Event.

Dress Code

18. To obtain access to Events, Members and Guests must comply with:

18.1 the SACA Member Dress Standard; and
18.2 the SACA Members’ Events Dress Standards,
as made available on SACA’s website and as updated from time to time.

19. It is the responsibility of the Member to communicate the requirements of clause 18 to their Guest(s) and procure their Guest(s)’s compliance.

Behaviour Standards

20. Members and their Guest(s) attending Events must, at all times, strictly observe and adhere to the SACA By-Laws and the Prescribed Standards contained in Part D of the By-Laws and will be subject to the Members Conduct Terms of Reference contained within Part E of the By-Laws (consistent with By-Law 2.9).

21. Members are responsible for procuring compliance by any of their Guests.

22. Members will be held strictly responsible and accountable, and may be penalised for, any breach of any By-Law or Prescribed Standard by any of their Guests.

Refusal of Entry or Removal

23. Members or Guests who do not comply with these Terms will not be permitted entry to an Event.
24. Members or Guests who have been admitted to an Event but subsequently fail to comply with these Terms may be removed from the Event.
25. Members or Guests refused entry to, or removed from, an Event in accordance with clauses 23 or 24 are not eligible for a refund.

Cancelled or Rescheduled Events

26. If an AFL match the subject of an Event is cancelled or rescheduled, SACA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Event and will use reasonable endeavours to notify the Member who made the purchase once SACA has received the relevant information and authorisation from the AFL and/or other relevant parties.
27. If an Event is cancelled (and not rescheduled) under clause 26, the tickets to the Event will be cancelled by SACA, and SACA will provide a full refund (subject to clause 32).
28. If an Event is cancelled and rescheduled under clause 26, the original tickets will be valid for the new date, subject to availability. If SACA is notified before the specified deadline (which will be a reasonable period from the time the rescheduled Event date is announced) that the Member or its Guests are unable to attend the rescheduled Event, the Member who effected the original purchase will be able to cancel the transaction and obtain a full refund (subject to clause 32).

Inability to attend Event (COVID-19)

29. SACA may, subject to clause 30, refund you (subject to clause 34) where you are unable to attend the Event because it would be unlawful for you to do so under a law or direction aimed at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or otherwise pertaining to COVID-19 (including any subsequent strain or variant).
30. SACA may, at its discretion, prior to refunding you, request that you provide:

30.1 evidence of the positive PCR test result, carried out at an authorized laboratory and carrying a QR or bar code that can be verified; or
30.2 other evidence to SACA’s reasonable satisfaction,
which substantiates your clause 29 refund claim.

Refunds / Cancellation by Member(s)/Guest(s)

31. Subject to these Terms and the law:

31.1 tickets to Events are non-refundable; and
31.2 a change in personal circumstances does not entitle a ticket holder to return or exchange a ticket for an Event.

32. Cancellations for Events must, subject to these Terms, be notified to SACA by the Member or Guest by no later than 4 days prior to the date of the Event (Final Cancellation Date).
33. To the extent permitted by law, in the event of any cancellation or refund request after the Final Cancellation Date, SACA will be entitled to retain an amount to reimburse it for the costs it has legally incurred and committed, including but not limited to for example unrecoverable third party catering costs or fees.

Cancellation by SACA due to events within SACA’s control

34. SACA may, due to venue, scheduling, resourcing, cleaning, catering, staffing, safety issues or any other circumstance that SACA can reasonably control, or when minimum numbers are not met, after a ticket to an Event has been purchased but no later than 7 days prior to the date of the Event, cancel a Member’s (and/or Guest’s) ticket to the Event.
35. If SACA cancels the Event in accordance with clause 34, SACA may, by notice to the Member who purchased the affected tickets, at SACA’s election:

35.1 rebook the affected Member’s (and/or Guest’s) tickets, moving affected Members (and Guests) from the SACA Committee Room to the Gil Langley Room (or vice versa); or
35.2 refund the price of the tickets, at SACA’s discretion. [SACA to provide instructions]

36. If SACA rebooks a Member and Guests to another room in accordance with clause 35.1, the affected Member may, no later than 4 days prior to the date of the Event (Final Cancellation Date), request that SACA cancel the relevant tickets and refund the price of the tickets (subject to clause 33). SACA shall comply with that request.

Ancillary Requirements

37. Nothing in these Terms limit Adelaide Oval's Conditions of Entry available at:
38. Nothing in these Terms limits the law. Members and Guests must comply with the law at Events.
39. For the avoidance of doubt, clauses 23, 24 and 25 shall apply to a breach of clauses 37 and 38 by a Member or Guest.

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