Carnivals and Competitions

Each year there are a number of cricket carnivals held across South Australia for regional and metropolitan players. Learn more below.

Revamped for the 2020/2021 season, the SACA Representative Carnivals competitions bring together the best underage cricketers from across both metropolitan and country community Clubs and Associations, at Under 12 (Boys), Under 14 (Boys) and Under 16 (Boys & Girls) level. The format includes an opportunity for players to play against fellow city-based or country-based teams in their pools, in an action packed week or Cricket.

The teams represent the five junior metropolitan Associations (Adelaide Turf, North East Juniors, Para Districts, South Central and Western Suburbs), and the eight country Zones (Barossa & Light, Eyre Peninsula, Fleurieu & Districts, Mid North, Murray Districts / Barrier, South East, Upper North, Yorke Peninsula).

Additionally, part of the SACA Representative Carnivals is the Senior Country Cup, which is nearing its 100th year. The above eight Country Zones form seven teams and are joined by the Alice Springs Cricket Association for an annual competition between the best senior men’s cricketers across country South Australia. The Senior Country Cup aids selection for the ‘SA Outbacks’ team that competes in the Australian Country Cricket Championships.

For more information, please visit the SACA Representative Carnivals website.


2022/2023 Country Carnival

Winners: Barossa & Light

Batting Trophy: Edwards James (Yorke Peninsula)     

Bowling Trophy: Jed Laycock (Barossa & Light) 

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Reuben Hill (Eyre Peninsula)

Fielding Trophy: William Cameron (Barossa & Light)                              

Player of the Carnival: Jay Temme (Fleurieu & Districts) and Zac Zema (South East)   

Spirit of Cricket: Fleurieu & Districts and Yorke Peninsula 

2022/2023 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Joshua Stroud (North Eastern)

Bowling Trophy: Keaton Weyer (South Central)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Logan Banyer (Adelaide Turf)

Fielding Trophy: Angus Horne (North Eastern)

Player of the Carnival: Joshua Stroud (North Eastern) and Kuwerdeep Singh (Adelaide Turf)

Spirit of Cricket: Para Districts



2022/2023 Country Carnival

Winners: Barossa & Light

Batting Trophy: Evelyn Todd (Barossa & Light)

Bowling Trophy: Maya Klose (Barossa & Light)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Karlie Zibell (Eyre Peninsula)

Fielding Trophy: Ava Jenner (Eyre Peninsula)

Player of the Carnival: Bridget Slattery (Mid North)

Spirit of Cricket: Mid North

2022/2023 Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: South Central

Batting Trophy: Riya Gupta (South Central)

Bowling Trophy: Mia Landrigan (South Central)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Deepshika Bhalodia (North Eastern Juniors)

Fielding Trophy: Kira Deaton (South Central)

Player of the Carnival: Riya Gupta (South Central)

Spirit of Cricket: North Eastern Juniors



2022/2023 – Country Carnival

Winners: South East

Batting Trophy: Harrison Hicks (South East)

Bowling Trophy: Jarrah Reidy (Eyre Peninsula)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Brodie Hines (Yorke Peninsula)

Fielding Trophy: Joseph Simpson (Mid North), Dusty Symonds (Eyre Peninsula) and Liam Wisneske (Murray Districts/Barrier)

Player of the Carnival: Harrison Hicks (South East)

Spirit of Cricket: Yorke Peninsula

2022/2023 – Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Archah Parisi (North Eastern Juniors)

Bowling Trophy: Nameer Rahman (South Central)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Ashray Dogra (South Central)

Fielding Trophy: Ned Ruston (South Central)             

Player of the Carnival: Umair Rumman (Para Districts)

Spirit of Cricket: North Eastern Juniors



2022/2023 – Country Carnival

Winners: Barossa & Light

Batting Trophy: Harry McAuley (Upper North)

Bowling Trophy: Bryce Heidrich (Barossa & Light)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Tyson Todd (Barossa & Light)

Fielding Trophy: Thomas Crane (Murray Districts/Barrier)

Player of the Carnival: Dominic Gray (Eyre Peninsula)

Spirit of Cricket: Eyre Peninsula, Barossa & Light and Murray Districts/Barrier

2022/2023 – Metropolitan Carnival

Winners: Adelaide Turf

Batting Trophy: Jude Rawlings (Western Suburbs)

Bowling Trophy: Archer Bermingham (Adelaide Turf)

Wicketkeeping Trophy: Charlie Roissetter (North Eastern Juniors)

Fielding Trophy: Campbell Woolford (Western Sububrs)

Player of the Carnival: Jude Rawlings (Western Suburbs)

Spirit of Cricket: Adelaide Turf and South Central

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