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Clubs and Associations

Club Support Program

SACA's Club Support Program is designed to support the governance and compliance requirements of South Australian cricket clubs and associations.

The Club Support Program enables SACA to support clubs to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all participants, ensuring all clubs are meeting minimum Child Safe practices. It also provides coverage for public liability, personal injury and club management liability (incorporated clubs only). SACA Cricket Managers and Club Officers work directly with clubs and associations to meet the Compliant Club level of the program, with clubs then encouraged to progress through to the Good Club and Great Club level where possible. By completing levels, clubs will have access to the associated benefits and receive a certificate of completion for their records.

Cricket Associations are encouraged to ensure all their clubs are Compliant Clubs  before the first round. Associations with full compliance (all clubs) will be considered in the distribution of signed merchandise and other SACA opportunities.

All cricket clubs must meet the minimum Compliant Club level to be affiliated with SACA and to enjoy the benefits associated with affiliation.

Questions regarding the Club Support Program can be directed to your SACA Club Officer, or Club and Association Officer Jess O'Reilly at

Club leading the way

Congratulations to the Port Elliot Cricket Club for being the first official SACA Compliant Club for season 2018-19. Compliant Club status is achieved by ensuring the club has completed the NCRPP (cricket insurance), has checked off on all child safe requirements and the club is active on

The ‘Bloods’ have taken a number of steps to make sure their 'house is in order' for the upcoming season, adopting a number of policies, including the new CA Policy and Code of Behaviours, and ensuring all coaches are accredited. Recently granted Level 1 Good Sports status and working towards higher levels, the Bloods have had a great response to this season’s online registrations, aiming to retain their Junior Blaster program and seven junior and senior teams. 

PECC use the MyCricket website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Team App to communicate with current, past and future members.

Well done to the PECC Bloods, leading the way in South Australian cricket.