Cricket Australia has generously contributed the majority of funding for the three Pitches, with SACA and Walkerville Cricket Club splitting the remaining cost between them.

After a successful trial of the Pitches in Victoria, thanks to a partnership between Cricket Victoria and Stonnington Council, more clubs around the country are keen to pilot this revolutionary product.

A UK-based company produces the Flicx Pitch, a recycled plastic product designed to provide flexible use on the outfields of grounds.

The durable and portable pitch allows for two or more junior games to be played simultaneously on the one oval, meaning traditional cricket issues of space and pitch availability for juniors could become a thing of the past.

Walkerville now possess three of the 28 Pitches being trialed around the country this season.

After a successful launch of the Flicx Pitches on Friday evening at Walkerville Cricket Club, junior coordinator Mark Webber is thrilled about the possibilities for club growth.

“We can get a better critical mass of players using one oval,” Webber said.

“It’s better for parents, better for players, gives a greater atmosphere and a better use of facilities - that’s probably the most critical thing, getting better use out of the facilities but also giving the kids a better environment to play in.”

He also believes the Pitches could be the future of junior cricket.

“There is no question this is the way forward…it’s not inexpensive but in terms of the excitement that we’ve seen here tonight amongst the players and the parents who now have a weekend free every two or three weeks - I’ve spoken to a number of them and they quite like the upside of that,” Webber said.

For more information about Flicx Pitches, visit their website.