Underage tournaments highlight the best young cricketers that each State has to offer, with this year’s Under 17 National Championships taking place in Mackay, Queensland.

A squad of 14 has been chosen with a broad range of talent from across nine Premier Cricket clubs.

Prospect’s Cooper McKenzie has been removed from the squad due to injury, with Kensington’s Samuel Warrick taking his place.

Kensington is heavily represented with five players included, while two are from Sturt, two from Glenelg, and one each from Southern District, Port Adelaide, Woodville, East Torrens and Adelaide.

The Under 17 boys begin their national campaign on 30 September, through until 10 October.

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SA Under 17 boys squad
Isaac Higgins, Glenelg                                                           
Sam Rahaley, Kensington                                 
Lachlan Murphy, Southern District              
Joshua Sims, Kensington                            
Mackenzie Best, Port Adelaide                       
Max Kelly, Kensington                                       
Jamison Murphy, Woodville                        
Sebastian Young, Sturt                                        
Carl Arnold, Sturt                                            
Darcy McRostie, Kensington                    
Jeremy Hackett, East Torrens 
Samuel Warrick, Kensington
Zack McCabe, Glenelg
Tejas Gill, Adelaide
Coach: Shannon Tubb
Assistant Coach: Stephen Stubbings