As a result of the Cricket Connects consultation process with club delegates, the Spirit of Cricket round is being introduced to revisit basic cricket principles, on and off the pitch.

It was found that behaviours on the field had deteriorated in recent years and that it was becoming an issue that needed to be solved.

In December, approximately 80 club representatives including association presidents gathered together to endorse the Spirit of Cricket Pledge, committing to ‘creating an enduring legacy for South Australian cricket by ensuring it is played with honour, dignity and respect in a fun and safe environment for all.’

Letters were distributed to club captains, umpires and coaches, signed by Daryl Harper (former international umpire), Jamie Siddons and Andrea McCauley (SA head coaches) and Megan Schutt and Travis Head (SA captains) to encourage clubs to consider the Spirit of Cricket and to take part in the Spirit of Cricket round.

Small acts can make a big difference in reigniting the Spirit of Cricket, with clubs given multiple suggestions as to how they can put this into practice.

Captains wearing full playing kit for the toss, observing the traditional order of entry to the field of play, celebrating outstanding performances of individuals from both teams and the home team providing afternoon tea for both sides are all ways that clubs can demonstrate the Spirit of Cricket at each game.

Clubs are also encouraged to share photos and posts from their Spirit of Cricket round on social media and use the hashtag #spiritofcricketsa.

Click to download the full Spirit of Cricket Round guidelines.

What: Spirit of Cricket Round

When: 16/17 February (start of two-day games only) and 23/24 February (all other games)