Seven-year-old Evesham cricketer Lachlan met Head when the left-handed batsman represented UK county cricket club Worcestershire last year.

The Redbacks skipper left such an impact on Lachlan that he dedicated himself to following Head’s career ever since, even above other popular local English heroes.

Lachlan then miraculously came across a Redbacks cap at a one-off sports sale event in Birmingham - which he immediately swooped on of course.

He donned the cap religiously on and off the cricket pitch and promptly went on a scoring streak. Lachlan’s “lucky hat” quickly became his most treasured item, and it also made it easy for his father to spot him in the field as a bonus.

But then disaster struck. One morning, the cap was nowhere to be found.

Lachlan immediately fell into a form slump without his Redbacks hat and the hunt was on for a replacement, although it proved rather difficult all the way over in the UK.

Fortunately, SACA staff got wind of Lachlan’s commitment to the South Australian skipper and a replacement was posted to Worcestershire with Head’s well wishes.

In return he promises not to wear it when he’s opening the batting for England in 10-15 years’ time.

Thanks for your support, Lachlan!

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