A staggering 37,923 children have taken part in the School Visit Program since late term three, with this number set to double by the end of term four.

Already, 158 schools across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia have been involved in the program this season.

Delivered over four-weeks and made up of both in-class and outdoor activities, the Woolworths Cricket Blast Health and PE Program is facilitated by experienced SACA coaches in the first week, with teachers delivering weeks two to four.

“As the whole class takes part in the program and everyone has the opportunity to participate, the program can spark interest in cricket for kids that they may not have realised they had,” SACA Junior Participation Specialist Jack Campion said.

“With the combination of indoor and outdoor cricket-based learnings, students are not only learning how to play cricket, they’re learning the value of being active, both physically and mentally, and teachers are able to link this into the curriculum.

“This year, we have also been able to link up with local clubs surrounding schools to lift their visibility and to hopefully see more kids transitioning from the first touchpoint at school, into club cricket,”

The program utilises the Woolworths Cricket Blast format, which is designed to introduce young boys and girls to cricket, giving them to chance to bat, bowl and field. The format is also appropriate for existing cricket-lovers, unofficially marking the beginning of a new summer of cricket.

The enthusiasm from schools and the fantastic participation numbers already seen this season shows a real appetite for cricket in South Australian schools.

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