With the return of community sport and playing cricket occurring in a phased approach under the current South Australian COVID-19 restrictions, it is important to note that the health and safety of the cricketers and the community is paramount.

With the recommencement of winter leagues becoming a distinct possibility, adherence to the following training guidelines is important to allow cricket to return to normal as soon as possible.

Based on current South Australian Government regulations, only cricket training (no matches) in line with existing State Government restrictions can resume. The resumption of any cricket training should follow the principle 'get in, train, get out'.

- Have up to a maximum of 10 people on an oval (including players on sideline waiting to bat).
- Conduct centre wicket training ensuring compliance with the maximum number of people (10 people).
- Maximum of five people per net (subject to the number of nets available at each facility) with alternate nets used as preference (if net set-up has three or more nets available, only use nets 1 and 3).
- Players are strongly encouraged to maintain 1.5 metres social distance from others.
- Players to attend training by themselves with their own means of transport (unless they reside in the same residence ie parent/child or siblings).
- For junior players, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to keep a safe distance away from the training area (ie stay in the car).
- Cricket conveners/clubs must follow all hygiene protocols and practices including provision of alcohol based hand sanitiser for all training sessions, with participants encourage to use prior, during and following training.
- Attendees at all training sessions are to have their name and contact details recorded by the club, with communications to players made prior to each session including access points and meeting locations.
- Cricket conveners/clubs will be expected to meet the State Government guidelines/restrictions.

- Play any cricket matches - competitive or otherwise.
- Allow spectators to attend the training session.
- Have multiple groups of 10 people on the same oval, unless the oval is clearly divided into sections with each group training separately.
- Share equipment (such as practice balls, water bottles, towels, protective equipment etc).
- Use saliva or sweat to shine the ball.
- Make contact with each other (high-fiving, shaking hands etc).
- Have more than five people per training or 10 people involved in a centre wicket training.
- Gather or socialise before and after training (arrive, you may train and then leave).
- Provide access to change rooms facilities and showers. Only toilets should be accessible for the duration of each training session.

If you or family members are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms, stay home

- Clubs are strongly encouraged to host any necessary communications (ie committee meetings, planning sessions, AGMs etc) through an online platform or hold these sessions over the phone.
- Clubs and Associations should encouraging all members to download the COVID-Safe App.

On 25 May 2020 the State Government announced a further change of date for Step 2 of the COVID-19 Roadmap for South Australia to be brought forward to Monday, 1 June 2020. SACA will provide further communication regarding the Step 2 guidelines for community sport shortly.