Select umpires have begun wearing glasses with a built-in camera to allow them to review game-play and decision footage in 1080p quality for development purposes.

From the footage, umpire coaches are able to identify incorrect head position, judge the accuracy of decisions, determine moments where umpires should be keeping their heads still, as well as lack of attention before the ball is dead.

“Our umpires have used the glasses in Redbacks League games, at Premier Cricket club trainings and in West End and Statewide Super Premier Cricket matches,” said SACA State Umpire Coach Daniel Goodwin.

“It’s useful to be able to look back at decisions made, to learn and build confidence.”

SACA is also involved in an umpire exchange program, which has been in place for a number of years between State and Territory associations.

Victoria’s Adam Hawking is the most recent interstate umpire to partake in an exchange in Adelaide, where he was appointed to two West End First Grade matches, officiating with a different South Australian umpire on each day.

“From a development perspective, it’s a fantastic way for our umpires to gain an insight into how other states operate, and vice versa,” Goodwin said.

In the new year, SACA will send a Panel 1 umpire to Victoria to umpire matches in their Premier Cricket competition, to learn from other umpires in a different match environment.

For more information about becoming an umpire, visit the Cricket Umpires Australia website or contact SACA State Umpiring Leader Sarah Fry on (08) 8300 3212 or at