Each for a term commencing on the date of the Annual General Meeting of SACA to be held on Monday, 24 September 2018.

There are three Vacant Positions for the purposes of the 2018 annual election of Member Elected Directors. One vacancy is created by the retirement of Sally Niehuus as required by clause 11.7(a) of SACA’s Constitution and two vacancies exist due to the casual vacancies created by the resignation of Robert Hill Smith on 25 June 2018 and Nathan Adcock on 1 August 2018. The retiring Director is eligible for re-election.

Nominations must be in writing on nomination forms available on request from SACA by phone 8300 3816 or by e-mail returningofficer@saca.com.au

In accordance with SACA’s Constitution each candidate must be a Full Member or a Country Member of SACA. Candidates should note that Membership rights are suspended while Membership Fees are outstanding and failure to pay their Membership Fees could result in them being ineligible for election to the SACA Board.

Each nomination form must be signed by two SACA Members who are entitled to vote* and be accompanied by the candidate’s signed consent to the nomination and to acting as a director of SACA. 

Nominations may also be accompanied by a statement from the candidate in support of their election not exceeding 250 words which is not misleading, offensive or defamatory. Candidate statements must not include any links or references to the candidate’s social media accounts or any other social media or websites. A candidate may also provide a personal photograph with their candidate statement. Candidate statements are subject to approval by the Independent Nominations Committee Chair.

Should more than the required number of candidates be nominated to fill the vacancies, an election by ballot will be conducted in accordance with SACA’s Constitution.

The Nominations Committee, in giving any guidance to the Board or Members in relation to candidates, will have regard to the overall skill set, experience and diversity required to achieve a balanced, fit for purpose board to oversee the delivery of SACA’s strategic objectives and operational plan by the Chief Executive. Candidates should refer to the statement of desired skills and competencies set out in nomination form.

In accordance with clause 11.3(b) of the SACA Constitution, the SACA Board has appointed Mr Tim Jones of Corpvote as Returning Officer in relation to the Board election. The Returning Officer has a number of explicit roles prescribed under the SACA Constitution. These roles include calling for nominations, certifying the number of votes received by each candidate and having the final decision as to the validity of votes, the rights of members to vote, which votes shall be counted and the general conduct of the ballot and scrutiny.

Nominations must be received by the Returning Officer by hand, post or email by 5.00pm (ACST) on 20 August 2018.

Tim Jones, Returning Officer, SACA Board of Management Elections

Deliver to: C/- SACA, Level 2 Riverbank Stand, Adelaide Oval

Post to: C/- SACA, PO Box 545, North Adelaide SA 5006

Email: returningofficer@saca.com.au

* The following categories of SACA Members are entitled to vote:  Full Members, Country Members, Life Members, Honorary Life Members, Tenured Members, Honorary-Services Rendered Members and Premier Cricket Committee Members.