Cricket has been played here since December 1873, but for SACA, it began even earlier.

During a meeting held on 31 May 1871 at the Prince Alfred Hotel, which now forms the righthand side of the Adelaide Town Hall, local cricket clubs agreed that there was a need for a central cricket ground.
The minutes of the first meeting, now etched in history, read:
“This meeting considers it desirable to at once form an Association to be called the South Australian Cricket Association and pledges its support thereto.”
Just one week later, it was agreed to secure a portion of the North Parklands, an area now known as Adelaide Oval.
Membership subscriptions were sent to every cricketer in the region, and to this day we are a proud member-driven organisation. In fact, we are the largest sole cricket membership in the world.

SACA 150: A Commemoration

SACA Chief Executive Keith Bradshaw said:

"I am immensely proud, and incredibly fortunate, to play but a small role in the history of the South Australian Cricket Association as it brings up this special milestone.

"I wish to most importantly highlight what I believe to be the most crucial part of SACA; our incredible people. Each and every current and former staff, past and present payer, and all of the Boards and volunteers, should feel honoured for what they have contributed to cricket in South Australia.

"The work each person has put in over the last 150 years can not be understated, and I must also thank our devoted Members and fans for their unwavering support through our journey."

Our names range from Sir Donald Bradman to Karen Rolton, to name but a few, and our games range from the Bodyline Test in 1933, to the introduction of the maiden day-night Test in 2015.

Cricket within SACA continues to delight and inspire - we have seen the highs, and the lows - and today we unite as lovers of the game in celebrating 150 years.
A commemorative book; SACA 150: A Celebration will be available first to SACA Members from tonight.