The NICL finals take place the weekend beginning Friday 31 August 2018, while the Masters Championships will kick off the 2019 elite indoor cricket season on 25 May.

Centre owner Daniel McKay is relishing the opportunity for his facility to be featured, particularly as the NICL finals will be live-streamed.

“It is great to be able to offer the opportunity for our local SA players to participate in these major events at home,” McKay said.

“It is a point of pride for us to be able to showcase our centre and also provides us with a chance to increase the awareness of indoor cricket around the northern Adelaide area. It is another stepping stone towards our goal of becoming the premier indoor sports facility in SA and Australia.”

McKay encourages those who are thinking about trying indoor cricket, to just give it a go.

“If you give it a go and enjoy it, you can work your way up through the pathways and eventually play for your country like a lot of our SA players are about to do, travelling to NZ and Sri Lanka later this year,” McKay said.

“The opportunities presented in indoor cricket are vastly different than the outdoor format, and the ability to develop your skills from a very young age in a safe, indoor environment where you don’t have to worry about the weather makes the game a hit with kids and parents alike.

“It is fast paced, all inclusive (all players bat, bowl and field every match) and an exciting format to play.”

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