A full list of winners has been released to acknowledge the best performers in each grade or age group following the cancellation of the usual end-of-season awards ceremony due to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.

SACA Premier Cricket Manager Steven Busbridge congratulated the winners and thanked everyone involved what was another successful summer of Premier Cricket.

“Firstly, congratulations to all the Medal winners for the 2019-20 season. It is unfortunate we cannot celebrate your achievements together in person, however it’s still important to us that we acknowledge the outstanding individual and team performances of the summer,” Busbridge said.

“We would also like to thank all the volunteers from across Premier Cricket that assist in the day-to-day operations of the clubs. Your time and effort allows us to continue to enjoy our great game every weekend.

“We look forward to an exciting season ahead.”



Ray Sutton Shield

Under 17 Shield
Batting - Trent Tattoli (Northern Districts)
Bowling - Hayden Cesaro (Kensington)
Wicketkeeping - Harry Matthias (Sturt)
Player of the Carnival (all tied on 12 votes) - Hayden Cesaro (Kensington), Trent Tattoli (Northern Districts) and Lachlan Murphy (Southern District)

Under 17 Shield Team of the Year
Zac McKabe (Glenelg)
Isaac Higgins (Glenelg) captain
Trent Tattoli (Northern Districts)
Jordan Barnett (Prospect)
Josh Goodwin (Sturt)
Jack Matchett (Kensington)
Hayden Cesaro (Kensington)
Thomas Barrett (Tea Tree Gully)
Harry Mathias (Sturt) wicketkeeper
Ethan Herzick (Northern Districts)
Oliver Wilkinson (Glenelg)
Jared Zunic (West Torrens)

Under 14 White
Batting - Trent Goodridge (Tea Tree Gully)
Bowling - Max Matheson (Sturt)
Premiers - Sturt

Under 14 Red
Batting - Gjsovaun Brijmohan (Adelaide)
Bowling - Rilee Endersby (Southern District)
Premiers - Sturt

Under 16 White
Batting - William Trevena (Glenelg)
Bowling - Owen Maney (Northern Districts)
Premiers - Glenelg

Under 16 Red
Batting - Nathan Marshall (West Torrens)
Bowling - Jesse Arthur (Glenelg) and Chandan Saddi (West Torrens)
Premiers - Tea Tree Gully

Junior Grade Spirit of Cricket

West End Men’s Fourth Grade
Batting - Scott Applegarth (Glenelg)
Bowling - Daniel Cocks (East Torrens)
Premiers - Kensington

West End Men’s Third Grade
Batting - Steven Heatley (Glenelg)
Bowling - Joel Horskins (Prospect)
Premiers - Kensington

West End Men’s Second Grade
Batting - Benjamin Pye (Tea Tree Gully)
Bowling - Marcus Lee (Glenelg)
Premiers - Adelaide Uni

Statewide Super Women’s Second Grade
Batting - Brianna Cheetham (West Torrens)
Bowling aggregate - Anesu Mushangwe (Glenelg)
Premiers - Southern District

Statewide Super Women’s Second Grade T20 Cup premiers
Southern District

Statewide Super Women’s First Grade
Batting aggregate - Stacey Oates (Sturt)
Batting average - Alex Price (Sturt)
Bowling aggregate - Brooke Harris (Sturt)
Bowling average - Tahlia McGrath (West Torrens)
Premiers - West Torrens

Statewide Super Women’s First Grade T20 Cup premiers
Southern District

West End Men’s First Grade
Batting - Sam Kerber (Adelaide Uni)
Batting average - Jake Lehmann (East Torrens)
Bowling aggregate - Adam Somerfield (Tea Tree Gully)
Bowling average - Cameron Valente (Adelaide)
Premiers - Kensington

West End Men’s First Grade T20 Cup premiers
Adelaide Uni

West End Men’s First Grade One Day Cup premiers
East Torrens

Fellows Award (most outstanding club volunteer in women’s cricket)
Karren Smith (Sturt)

Dot Laughton Award (first or second season female player who displays cricket ability and positive club spirit)
Keely Stone (Southern District)

Junior Club Championship Trophy (highest aggregate premiership points for junior grades)

President’s Trophy (highest aggregate premiership points for Statewide Super Women’s First and Second Grades)
Northern Districts

Scrymgour Club Championship Shield (highest aggregate premiership points for West End Men’s First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades)

LMS Hargrave Trophy (best player under 23 in the West End Men’s First Grade competition)
Ben Pengelley (Adelaide)

Bradman Team Medal Award (club/s which accrues the most Bradman Medal votes)
Adelaide Uni and East Torrens