Services will close at 7.40pm each weekday and close down entirely on Saturday and Sunday of the Test.

 Cricket Australia is required as a special event organiser to develop and pay for a special event transport plan following consultation at the direction of the Minister. This plan was delivered in July and was in line with what has been delivered for previous summers. The cancellation of services was only brought to our attention yesterday afternoon through the media. There was no forewarning from the government that this interruption posed a risk to services and there was no consultation ahead of the decision.

The timing of this interruption is unacceptable and will impact many cricket fans. SACA works closely with the transport department to ensure that as many of our Members as possible can enjoy the free travel to and from each international and BBL match.

In the interests of Members and Test cricket fans, SACA Chief Executive Keith Bradshaw lobbied the government to reconsider their position, but it is clear that the scheduled works are now critical and unavoidable. At this juncture, if a sound alternative was available, the government would pursue that option. SACA is now pushing the government to provide more free express bus services for Members, in addition to the planned rail substitute services. When those plans become available, we will share them with you.

Free public transport will be available on all buses, trains and trams for those attending the cricket match between Australia and India at Adelaide Oval starting on Thursday 6 to Monday 10 December 2018. Passengers can present their valid match ticket on-board to enjoy free public transport. The free public transport travel period is from first service to last service.

Additional buses and trams (Festival Plaza to Glenelg) will operate after each match.

For days three and four the Test, the entire rail network will be closed. Trains will be replaced by substitute bus services, with additional services running before and after the match for cricket patrons traveling to and from Adelaide Oval.

For the journey home cricket patrons can access rail substitute buses from:

Stop D, North Terrace

Stop W1, North Terrace
Outer Harbor

Click here for full timetables

Patrons can continue to access free travel on regular metro bus and tram services from the existing bus stops.

Use MetroMATE – the official Adelaide Metro app. To plan your journey, search destination and tap to see the next your next service in real time. You can hop on-board a bus, tram or rail substitute bus to and from the Cricket at Adelaide Oval.