The Friendship Cup, now in its fourth year, has been formerly run as a single-day, carnival-style competition, with teams representing different countries.

This season, the Cup was changed into a five-week T20 competition across three divisions, with the semi-finals and grand finals taking place at Park 25 on Monday of the long weekend.

Rather than teams representing country of origin, the competition was opened up to anyone who wished to enter a team, and was particularly appealing to those who were not able to commit to a full season of club cricket.

A mid-week T12 option was also available to teams who wanted to play quicker games of cricket, without the commitment of playing on the weekend.

Multiple teams elected to enter into both the T12 and T20 formats, therefore maximising their playing time over the course of the competition.

Enquiries about the Friendship Cup or multicultural cricketing opportunities can be directed to SACA Community Engagement Coordinator Luke Doughty at

Grand final results

Division 1
Punjabi Sloggers 8/161 def King Hazara 8/118
Player of the Match – Gurpreet Sandhu, made 56 runs, took two wickets

Division 2
Adelaide Local’s 5/130 def Adelaide Greens 8/100
Player of the Match – Sourav Sahoo, made 70 runs, took three wickets

Division 3
Pashtun Sixers 6/193 def Team SA 8/117
Player of the Match – Luqman Safi, made 59 runs, took two wickets