Congratulations Callum (and Rhiannon)! What is the experience of having your first child like so far?

It’s been an amazing experience and has far exceeded our expectations. I am still in awe of Rhiannon and the birth process. I am really enjoying settling into life at home with our newest member. Bruce our French Bulldog has been all about Layla from the minute she turned up, he is smitten with her.

Have you and Rhiannon been sleeping well or has Layla been keeping you up all hours?

Layla has been sleeping really well during the night, waking about every 2-4 hours for a feed. As Layla is breastfeeding, Rhiannon has copped the brunt of the sleepless nights but I’ve been getting up once or twice a night for moral support and to get Rhi whatever she needs.

Did you guys take a while to decide on the name Layla or did it take inspiration from somewhere?

We actually agreed on the name Layla months ago. Rhiannon really liked the name Lola but wasn’t sure about the meaning of Lola which apparently is ‘sorrows’. I mentioned Layla and she loved it straight away. Eric Clapton for the win!

It was pretty lucky that Layla arrived on a rest week for the Redbacks during pre-season, what does the schedule look like for you and Rhi from here on in?

It was very lucky. Layla arrived the day before her due date July 24th, much to her mother’s relief at that stage of the pregnancy. Our plan is to focus on settling Layla into life at home with us and of course introducing her to a few of our nearest and dearest. I’ll be taking a few weeks of paternity leave to spend some time with our little family. I’ll continue a fitness routine from home to make sure I keep myself in good shape.

The Fergusons join a baby boom in the Redbacks family - Chadd Sayers, Joe Mennie, Tom Cooper and Alex Carey have all recently padded up for fatherhood. Kane Richardson's wife Nyki is also expecting their first child later this year.