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Membership Services

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding SACA Membership and events.

Can anyone else use my SACA Member card?

The SACA Member card issued in your name is strictly non-transferable and cannot be given to anyone else. Penalties apply for any misuse of Members cards. All SACA Members also have the option to purchase a Transferable Associate Card each season.

Am I obliged to purchase a Transferable Associate Card every year?

No, the purchase of a Transferable Associate Card is optional from season to season. 

Can my Transferable Associate Cardholder access games in my absence?

Yes, the person using your Transferable Associate Card can access the ground and SACA Members' Area independently of the SACA Member and has access to all Cricket Australia international and domestic cricket matches played at Adelaide Oval, including all Adelaide Strikers home matches and finals.

Can I bring guests into the SACA Members' Area?

For selected cricket match days, SACA Members will be eligible to purchase Guest Passes which provide entry into the Adelaide Oval and SACA Members' Area. For more information on daily Guest Passes click here.

What if I forget my Membership Cards on a cricket match day?

If you forget your SACA Membership card on match day, you can visit the South Plaza Ticket Office. Look for the ticket window signed 'SACA Membership'. Your membership barcode will be blocked from entry, and a temporary ticket issued to you for that day at a cost of $10. Please note the temporary ticket is only valid for the one day. You will need to provide photo ID.

When will I receive my renewal information for the 2019-20 season?

All the information you need to renew your SACA Membership will be posted and emailed to you at the end of July 2019.

How much is SACA Membership?

Before you become a SACA Member, you must first join the waitlist for a one-off fee of $40. The Annual SACA Membership Subscription fees may alter year to year. The fees for the upcoming season will be available from the website from June each year. The Membership Subscription fees for the 2019-20 season were $365 for Full Members, $310 for Country Members and $225 for Junior Members.

What is the late fee and when does it apply?

A $40 late fee will be automatically incurred per membership to any member renewing their membership or person accepting a membership offer after 5.00 pm ACST 31 August 2019.

When is the last day to renew my Membership for the 2019-20 Season?

The final date to renew your Membership is Thursday 31 October 2019.

Note - a $40 late fee will be automatically incurred between 5.00pm ACST 31 August 2019 to 5.00pm ACST 31 October 2019 for those renewing or accepting a membership offer within that time.

When is the last day to purchase a Transferable Associate Card for the 2019-20 Season?

The final date to purchase a Transferable Associate Card is Thursday 31 October 2019.

If I have not renewed my membership for the 2019-20 season by 31 October 2019 will I be removed as a Member?

Yes - any Members who have not paid their Membership fees by this date will have their SACA Membership cancelled by the SACA Board, in accordance with SACA's Membership By-Laws.

Note - those who did not pay their 2018-19 Membership fees by 31 October 2018 have had their SACA Membership cancelled by the SACA Board and will not receive a 2019-20 renewal letter.

Why is SACA Membership not transferable?

As a matter of prudent financial management, the SACA Board has determined a longstanding policy that a non-transferable membership model is in the best interests of SACA.  In recent years, some SACA Members have proposed that SACA Membership should become fully transferable (a Transferable Membership).

To ensure that any debate on Transferable Membership is based on objective fact that has been verified by an expert third party, in 2017 SACA engaged independent consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) to prepare a report on the potential implications for SACA and SACA Members under a Transferable Membership regime (EY Report). 

EY Report Findings:  The EY report states that the introduction of a Transferable Membership regime would have the following impacts on your SACA Membership:

  • Membership numbers should be capped at 22,000, and potentially as low as 18,000. As SACA currently has over 24,000 financial Members, this would mean some current Members would not be able to retain their membership if a Transferable Membership model was introduced;
  • There would be an increase in subscriptions from $355 to $785 for Full SACA Members and from $300 to $785 for Country Members; and
  • The ability for Members to purchase transferable cards would be removed, meaning SACA Members could only bring family or friends with them to the cricket in far more limited circumstances.

Further, SACA expects that daily guest pass availability for all Adelaide Striker and ODI matches would need to be severely restricted under a Transferable Membership model.

All these measures would be required to ensure that SACA remained financially viable and was able to continue to deliver on our constitutional objective of promoting and developing the game of cricket in South Australia.  The EY Report confirms that if SACA did not introduce the above measures or otherwise significantly reduce its current operations, SACA could be almost $8M worse off per year if transferability was introduced.

Many of SACA’s industry peers have non-transferable membership models, including Melbourne Cricket Club, Western Australian Cricket Club, the Sydney Cricket Ground, and Marylebone Cricket Club. A move to transferable membership may adversely affect SACA Members’ reciprocal rights.

The recent SACA Annual Report has shown record participation numbers, report on the success of our elite programs, a vibrant and expanding women’s program which is going from strength to strength and share accolades for a record number of South Australian players who have represented Australia during the past 12 months.  These are wonderful achievements and build on our proud 147 year history of investing in and developing cricket in South Australia.  Any move to transferability would severely impact our financial ability to continue to deliver these outstanding results and would not be in the best interests of the Association.

In summary, a move to transferability would have significant impact on members both financially and through the reduction in benefits that would be available. The current non-transferable membership model provides Members more flexibility, in terms of price and the ability to bring friends and family to enjoy the cricket at Adelaide Oval. This is supported by the EY Report findings.

The implications of a Transferable Membership model, both on SACA and its Members are untenable.