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Payments and Renewals

Renewal FAQs

We've put together this handy FAQ page to help you when renewing or accepting your SACA Membership.


When and how will I receive my Membership renewal or new offer form?

Renewal forms and new member offer forms have now been posted and are on their way to your mail box. We will also send email reminders to the email address we have on your SACA Member file. If you are unsubscribed from SACA Member News please contact SACA Member Services.

Be sure to also follow our other communication platforms to be in the best position to receive SACA Member updates and all the cricket news and information as it happens. Check out our SACA website, SACA Member Facebook and SACA Member Instagram.


How can I update my contact details?

If your postal, residential or email address has changed, you must update your details prior to paying for your Membership. There are four ways to update your contact details:

1. Online

2. Email:

3. Phone: (08) 8300 3232 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)

4. Complete the relevant form


How do I renew or accept my Membership?



Click here - Login using your email address and password.

If you do not know your password you can easily reset it by following the online instructions.



Call our telephone payment line on (08) 8300 3232 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (ACST) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Have your Member Number handy and a Mastercard or Visa.



Complete your details on the front of your Membership form and post to SACA Membership Services, PO Box 545, North Adelaide SA 5006.

We accept Mastercard, Visa or cheque / money order (payable to 'SACA').

In Person


Bring your Membership form to SACA Reception, Adelaide Oval, Level 2, Riverbank Stand between 9.00am and 5.00pm (ACST) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

We accept cash, cheque, money order and EFTPOS. 


My email account is connected to more than one Membership - can I renew / accept them all online?

Yes! Just make sure you do not tick ‘Remember me on this computer’, as this will remember the last account you accessed, rather than displaying all the Membership accounts attached to the email.

If you have this issue, you may need to clear your cache to remove the browsing history. You can do this by accessing your history settings and then clearing cookies and other site data.


When is the last day to renew / accept my Membership for the 2019-20 Season?

Membership fees are due by Saturday 31 August 2019. A late fee of $40 will be applied after this date.

The final date to renew your Membership or accept your offer is Thursday 31 October 2019.


I am an existing Member, if I have not renewed my Membership for the 2019-20 season by 31 October 2019 will I be removed as a Member?

Yes - any Members who have not paid their Membership fees by this date will have their SACA Membership cancelled by the SACA Board, in accordance with SACA's Membership By-Laws.


I have received a new Member offer, do I have to take up the SACA Membership in the year I receive my offer?

Applicants aged 15 years and over - If you choose not to accept the offer of SACA Membership, your membership offer will be cancelled and your name will not be added to the end of the waitlist, you will be required to re-apply if you wish to receive another Membership offer in the future. Please note the wait time for SACA Membership is currently 2-3 years.

Applicants aged 10 - 14 years - If you choose not to accept the offer of SACA Membership your waitlist position will be preserved and you will be re-offered at age 15. If you wish to take up the deferred offer before the age of 15 you can do so by contacting SACA. 


What are the fees for the 2019-20 season?

Category Price
Entrance Fee (once-off) $320 - not applicable to new junior Members
Full Membership Yearly Subscription $365
Junior Membership Yearly Subscription $225
Transferable Associate Card* $390
Absentee Fee $80
Late Fee** $40


Except as required by law, all SACA Membership fees (including the annual SACA Membership subscription fees, Absentee Membership fees and Transferable Associate Card fees) are not refundable (either in whole or part) or transferable.

* The purchase of a Transferable Associate Card is optional each season. The final date to purchase a Transferable Associate Card is 5:00pm (ACST), Thursday 31 October 2019

**A $40 late fee will be automatically incurred to any Member renewing their Membership or person accepting a Membership offer after 5:00 pm (ACST), Saturday 31 August 2019.


When will I receive my 2019-20 Member Cards and pack?

Upon payment of your 2019-20 Membership fees, your SACA Membership pack will be posted to you in early October.