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2020-21 SACA Membership

2020-21 Junior SACA Membership

Your first season as a SACA Member awaits.

Now is the time to secure your SACA Membership
Nothing quite compares to the summer of cricket at Adelaide Oval.  We are committed to keeping the tradition alive.
We know you love cricket, just like we do, and by becoming a Junior SACA Member you’ll be helping us to grow and invest in the great game of cricket in South Australia. Your Membership fee will help SACA to deliver programs across South Australia to: 
  • grow the game, from grass roots to first class; 
  • create opportunities so that South Australian cricketers can be the best in the world;
  • strive to make your Strikers, Redbacks and Scorpions the number one teams in Australia; and
  • keep boys and girls playing cricket in schools and in clubs.
We remain confident about SA cricket’s future.  Amid the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing many positive signs for the upcoming summer of cricket.  We’re optimistic that India will tour this year.  As excitement builds for an anticipated Ashes series in Australia next year, accepting your Membership offer secures your place in the Adelaide Oval Members’ Area for the best at match experience in the world.
The information below outlines key Membership details regarding the 2020-21 season:
  • Membership Fees
  • Tax Deductible Donations
  • Disruptions to cricket content
  • Transferable Associate Cards
  • Members’ Children or Grandchildren Under 10 Years of Age
  • Match day access and seating
  • Summer of Dining
  • 2020-21 Fixture
Junior Membership Fees
An immediate discount of $30 has been applied to your 2020-21 Membership fee against last season’s Membership fee of $225.
The $30 discount has been given in recognition of the financial impact of the pandemic on our community and is designed to compensate Members in advance for possible inconvenience, including if COVID-19 restrictions result in:
  • some loss of cricket content due to COVID-19 restrictions;
  • changes to how you access cricket content, which may require you to ballot, retrieve your ticket electronically and sit in an allocated reserved seat;
  • the inability to purchase a Transferable Associate Card (Daily Guest Passes will be available for each match day if capacity permits); or
  • Members’ rights to bring children or grandchildren under the age of 10 may be limited on certain match days; or
  • a restricted Village Green.

Membership Payment Dates:

  • The Membership payment is due by 9 October 2020.
  • $40 late fee charged for all Memberships paid after 9 October 2020.
  • If you choose not to accept your offer of Membership this season, you will automatically be added back on the waitlist and re-offered again at the age of 15. If you wish to take up the deferred offer before the age of 15, please contact Member Services in July of the year you wish to take it up.

Accepting your Offer

If you choose not to accept your offer of Membership this season, you will automatically be added back on the waitlist and re-offered again at the age of 15. If you wish to take up the deferred offer before the age of 15, please contact Member Services in July of the year you wish to take it up.
Payment Options:
  • Online: Click here and login using your email address and password. If you do not know your password you can reset it by following the online instructions.
  • Telephone: Call Member Services on (08) 8300 3232 between 9am and 5pm ACST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Have your credit card and Membership number handy.
  • Mail (Credit Card, Money Order/Cheque)Complete the details on the front of your paper membership form and return to SACA Membership Services, PO Box 545, North Adelaide SA 5006
  • In Person: Due to Covid-19 restrictions please reconsider renewing in person at the SACA office. If you must visit the SACA office social distancing and hand sanitization will be enforced. Cash payments will not be accepted. If you have no alternate method of payment, please contact Member Services. If you need to renew in person, bring your paper membership form with your payment to Adelaide Oval, Level 2, Riverbank Stand between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). We accept cheque, money order and EFTPOS.
Tax Deductible Donation
When renewing your Membership, you can elect to donate your $30 Membership fee discount to the SACA Growing the Game Fund.
The SACA Growing the Game Fund is a registered project with the Australian Sports Foundation, so all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.
By contributing to the SACA Growing the Game Fund, your donation will: 
  • grow the game across schools, clubs and elite cricket;
  • repair and renew community facilities such as practice nets, pitches and clubrooms; and
  • create more opportunities so that South Australian cricketers can be the best in the world.
What happens if cricket content is further reduced or disrupted?
While we are optimistic that cricket will be played at Adelaide Oval this season, we need to be prepared for any situation that may arise.  Your $225 Membership subscription fee will be discounted by $30 upfront for the reasons outlined above, including the potential loss of some cricket match days.  In addition, a credit scheme against your 2021-22 SACA Membership fee will apply should COVID-19 restrictions or requirements lead to further disruptions:
  • If additional International or BBL match days, beyond a specified minimum, are lost due to COVID-19 restrictions, a specified credit will automatically be applied.
  • Recognising the value that Members place on International cricket, a specified credit will automatically be applied if Adelaide Oval fails to host a specified minimum level of International cricket content;
  • The number of international or BBL match days that are deemed to be lost due to COVID-19 restrictions may be based on factors including (without limitation) the available capacity for Members and a baseline number of matches being delivered at Adelaide Oval.
A maximum $82.50 credit will be issued towards the 2021-22 Membership fee in the event that no cricket content can be accessed by Members across the entire 2020-21 season. Together with the $30 upfront discount, Junior Members will therefore be entitled to maximum compensation of 50% of the original 2020-21 Membership fee in these circumstances.
The credit scheme recognises that SACA Memberships are more than just a season ticket or ‘fee for service’ to attend cricket matches.  Your Membership supports SACA’s vision to make cricket South Australia’s favourite sport – from kids playing in our schools, to watching unforgettable Test matches with good friends.
Further details in relation to the credit scheme, including worked examples of how it would apply, are available here.
Transferable Associate Cards
Our first priority is to protect your right as a SACA Member to attend cricket at Adelaide Oval.  With limited seating due to current COVID-19 restrictions and requirements, at this stage SACA is unlikely to offer Transferable Associate Cards for use by non-members during the upcoming season.
We understand that being able to bring a guest to the cricket is an important part of being a SACA Member.  Recognising that SACA Members must be given priority access to the Members’ Area, SACA Members may be permitted to purchase guest access to the Members’ Area only if venue capacity and COVID-19 restrictions and requirements permit.  SACA will notify Members via email if this is possible closer to the commencement of each match, including the applicable process / pricing to apply.
Match Day Access and Seating
Under current COVID-19 restrictions and requirements:
  • Members may be required to ballot for match day access for an allocated reserved seat.  At this stage, we expect that Members will be able to ballot for a group of up to eight, so that seats for family and friends who are also Members can be grouped together.
  • Adelaide Oval patrons must access Adelaide Oval via a randomly allocated electronic reserved seat ticket.  To accommodate this, Members may be provided with an electronic Member’s Area ticket rather than a physical Members Card this year.

More information will be available here closer to the season.

Member Communications and By-Laws

COVID-19 is challenging SACA to be flexible in how we deliver this year’s summer of cricket experience for our Members.  To ensure that we are able to keep you up to date with the latest information, this year’s Member Handbook will be distributed electronically via email and will be available on the SACA website.  This is also a positive step toward reducing our carbon footprint.
We will be using emails to notify Members of critical information as the COVID-19 situation evolves.  It is strongly advised that your email address is kept up to date with SACA so that you don’t miss out on important information, including how to ballot for match days.
The SACA website is also a great place to find up to date SACA Member and match day information and a copy of the updated SACA By-Laws, which reflect the full pandemic related arrangements outlined in this letter.
2020-21 Fixture
Whilst circumstances or events beyond our control could mean that revisions are made to this summer’s cricket fixture, there’s still plenty to be excited about with the current scheduling.
We’re optimistic that India will tour this year.  India is currently set to play one Test match in Adelaide, which will be their first ever day-night Test played in Australia.  Adelaide Oval is also scheduled to host a T20 International against India and a One Day International against New Zealand on Australia Day.
The Big Bash League includes a standalone women’s competition, followed by seven men’s minor round matches currently scheduled at Adelaide Oval, played in prime-time evening slots. Our domestic fixture is expected to feature Sheffield Shield, One-Day Cup and WNCL matches at both Adelaide Oval and the Karen Rolton Oval.
Click here for the latest fixture information.