Membership Prescribed Standards

Part D - Membership Prescribed Standards

1. Prescribed Standards

(a) Members must not act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of SACA with behaviour that is unbecoming or offensive.

(b) Members are to be strictly responsible and accountable for the proper use of their Member’s Identification Card at all times. Member’s Identification Cards are strictly non-transferable. Under no circumstances is a Member’s Identification Card to be used by any person other than the Member.

(c) Members must not bring any items into a Venue that SACA has determined are not permitted to be brought into a Venue, as notified via the Member Handbook or other Member publications from time to time.

(d) Members must comply with the Conditions of Entry to the Venue (as amended from time-to-time) and any other conditions of entry notified to Members.

(e) Members must not smoke or consume alcohol in any area in or around the Venue designated to be smoke free or alcohol free areas.

(f) Members must comply with any dress regulations determined by SACA, as set out in the Member Handbook or in any other Member publication.

(g) Members must comply with:

(i) any reserved seat sticker policy determined by SACA and notified in the Member Handbook or in any other Member publication; and
(ii) the conditions set out on SACA seat reservation stickers.

(h) When using mobile telephones, Members must be discreet and considerate of others and limit their use to the bare minimum whilst seated in stands during play.

(i) Members must act with respect to others and not engage in bad language, offensive remarks, intoxication and/or other behaviour deemed by SACA or any SACA Official, at their absolute discretion, to be unacceptable in the circumstances.

(j) Members must show consideration to others by limiting movement whilst a match or other event is in progress. In particular, Members must:

(i) remain seated until an over at a cricket match has been completed; and
(ii) wait until an over at a cricket match is completed before returning to their seat.

(k) If Members wish to listen to a radio or other electronic device, it must be used with an ear piece so as not to be offensive to others or distract players.

(l) Standing or sitting in aisles or on stairways in the Venue is not permitted due to safety regulations.

(m) Members must comply with any reasonable direction of a SACA Official, including but not limited to producing their Member’s Identification Card together with their photo identification immediately upon request by a SACA Official and complying with any applicable health, safety or security precautions, directions or requirements.

(n) If a Member is suspended under clause 5.2 of the Constitution, the Member must comply with any conditions imposed on them during the period of suspension. 

(o) Members must observe and comply with any applicable:

(i) physical (social) distancing requirements;
(ii) capacity limits or restrictions for the Venue or areas within the Venue; (iii) health or safety precautions, directions, requirements and/or restrictions, including but not limited to those relating to COVID-19 (or any subsequent strain).

2. Interpretation

For the purposes of the Prescribed Standards, a reference to a:

(a) Member shall include:

(i) a Member of SACA; and
(ii) an Associated Person;

(b) SACA Official shall include:

(i) any Director;
(ii) the Chief Executive;
(iii) any other SACA employee;
(iv) any AOSMA employee;
(v) any other person who provides venue services to or for SACA;
(vi) any official or employee of or any other person who provides venue services to or for any hirer of the venue; and (vii) any other person to whom the Board and/or Chief Executive (pursuant to clauses 13.6 or 18.2 of the Constitution) delegates authority; and

(c) Venue means Adelaide Oval or any other venue used or controlled by SACA or at which an event is held that the Member is granted the right to attend by virtue of their Membership.

Associated Person includes:

(a) the holder or user of a Transferable Associate Card; or

(b) any person admitted to Adelaide Oval (or such other venue, as the case may be) as a guest of a Member (including, without limitation, the holder of a Guest Pass or any other ticket or pass arising by virtue of Membership).

*PLEASE NOTE: The Members Prescribed Standards are contained in Part D of the SACA By-Laws. The obligations for SACA Members to comply with the Prescribed Standards, and procure and ensure the compliance of their Associated Persons, as well as the consequences of non-compliance, are set out in Clause 2.9 of Part A of the SACA By-Laws. The above extract from the By-Laws is published for general information purposes/ease of reference only. For the complete and official version of the SACA By-Laws, please click here.

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