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Dress Standards

SACA Member Events require a higher dress standard than what applies to general attendees.

The SACA Members’ Area at Adelaide Oval is a special place. For more than 140 years it has been a social hub during great sporting occasions. Fashions have changed over the years but the idea has remained the same; it’s a place to celebrate the special occasion by dressing appropriately.

SACA Members are encouraged to review the dress standards prior to attending a cricket match or member event. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are aware of SACA Member Dress standards.

SACA reserves the right to refuse entry to any member or guest, if it is deemed that they are unsuitably attired. The dress standards apply for all patrons over 10 years of age.

A change to the Members' Area dress code was implemented after the 2018 Test Match (see below for specific information). Please remember that frayed denim hemlines and/or distressed denim is still not acceptable in the SACA Members' Area. In addition, torn and ripped clothing is also not acceptable in the Members' Area. Males are required to wear a collared shirt. 

We ask you to please ensure your guests are also aware of updated SACA Members’ Area Dress Standards, as these apply to all patrons 10 years of age and over.

Recent changes

During the 2018 Test Match there was a significant increase in the number of Members wearing clothing with frayed detail and trimmings.  These Members were refused entry into the Members’ Area as the dress code clearly stated “ripped, frayed or torn clothing” is not acceptable.    Frayed clothing was ‘not acceptable’ under the Members’ Area Dress Standards (and has not been acceptable for many years).

The Board reviewed this situation, and decided that the original intent was to stop frayed denim hemlines, not frayed detailing and trimmings.

The dress code has been updated to the following:-


  • Ripped, frayed or torn clothing- word removed
  • No frayed denim hemlines or distressed denim- line added

Distressed denim has always been considered ‘not acceptable’ under ripped or torn clothing, however it is now specifically written in the dress code to make it very clear for members that this is not acceptable.

Frayed clothing is now acceptable, except for frayed denim hemlines. Frayed denim hemlines will continue to be unacceptable in the Members’ Area as well as torn and/or ripped clothing. Please see examples below of clothing that will continue to be not acceptable.

Some examples of clothing that remains 'not acceptable' under the Members' Area Dress Standards:-