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Cricket Connects

Click to download the latest Cricket Connects progress document, detailing completed outcomes and things to come.

Cricket Connects Steering Committee
A steering committee has been formed to guide the progress of Cricket Connects initiatives over the course of the 2019-20 cricket season.
Members of this committee bring with them a broad range of experience across a number of cricket sectors including Premier, metropolitan and country community as well as primary and secondary (private and government) schools. The common link between all members of this committee is their love for cricket and their desire to see our great game continue to progress.
The Steering Committee held its first meeting on Tuesday 24 September, 2019, consisting of:

Scott Jones (Chair)
Elaine Figallo
Katie Liebelt
Steve Busbridge
Joe Hill
Leo Panzarino
Daniel Rankine

Centralised Junior Competition Administration
Following on from a successful pilot program last season where the North East Junior Cricket Association (NEJCA) competition was supported by a dedicated competitions administrator, an expanded scope incorporating the Barossa and Light, Alexandra and Eastern Hills, Port Lincoln Cricket Associations, as well as NEJCA once again, will be delivered this season. There are plans to further expand the program offer to interested associations in 2020-21.

The NEJCA pilot last season proved that centralising competition volunteers were able to focus on other important matters to further develop their association and/or club. This outcome aligned with the message that was clearly delivered by attendees at various Cricket Connect Forums during 2018-19.

Club Support and player support websites
Two new websites were piloted by a small group of clubs late last season. One site focused on supporting club and association office bearers and the other to support junior players, their parents and their coaches.

The pilot is being extended further this season as SACA is seeking feedback from a broader group to further refine the sites. These two pilot websites are: 

Club Support website Are you new to an office-bearer role within your club or association? This site has been developed to help you understand what is required in your new role. The key roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer, MyCricket Coordinator, Junior Coordinator, Child Safe Coordinator are included, with targeted and succinct information to help you perform your role more effectively. This pilot website is located at

Player support website This site supports junior players (by age band), their parents and their coaches. The site is simple to use, as all that is required is to identify yourself as a player/parent/coach and nominate the age group of interest. As with the Club Support website, succinct and targeted resources are available to help educate and improve skills. This pilot website can be viewed at 

As these pilot websites are still at the ‘work in progress’ stage, SACA encourages as many people as possible to access the sites and provide feedback for further improvements. Feedback can easily be provided (via the “Provide Feedbacklink on the home page of each site).

Show me the money!
In another Cricket Connects work stream, SACA launched the South Australian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy at Karen Rolton Oval on Tuesday 24 September. This strategy was developed with the support of the South Australian Government, Cricket Australia and a wide variety of local government and cricket association and club volunteers. SACA is thankful for the support from volunteers who significantly contributed to the development of this exciting strategy, including Community representatives in the Project Reference Group in addition to those all over the state who participated in the consultation meetings.

Further to this, SACA Infrastructure Manager, Alicia Clutterham, will be holding several regional and metropolitan workshops over the course of this season focused on how to improve your association or club’s prospects when completing applications for grants.

The first of these workshops is scheduled for Wednesday 16 October in Mt Gambier with plans for Whyalla, Claire, the Riverland, and an Adelaide metropolitan area event. Stay tuned for further details on dates and locations.