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IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Cricket Associations and Clubs regarding changes to the Child Protection Act 

The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires sport and recreation organisations that provide services ‘wholly or partly’ for children in South Australia to establish policies and procedures to safeguard and protect children. In recent years, the changes to the Children’s Protection Act 1993 increases the requirements of organisations to help protect the children in their care.

SACA encourages Associations and Clubs to familiarise themselves with the relevant information sheets from the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion as listed on their website.

However, to assist our cricket volunteers in understanding the implication of these changes, SACA provides the following brief overview:-

1. Child Safe Environment Compliance Statement

As from January 2011, all sporting organisations are required to lodge a Child Safe Environment Compliance Statement with the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

This is a once only requirement that existing recreation and sport organisations completed 28 February 2011 and new organisations as soon as possible after they are formed. Where an organisation finds they do not have a policy that is fully compliant, they should still lodge a statement showing that the work is in progress, and lodge a second statement when it is completed.

As a state sporting organisation, SACA has lodged a Child Safe Environments compliance statement on behalf of our affiliated Associations and Clubs. Therefore, if an Association or Club has not affiliated with the SACA through the Cricket Partnership Program, SACA strongly encourages you to do so. For any Associations or Clubs that choose not to affiliate with the SACA, individual compliance will be required.

SACA has an Affiliates and Club Protection Policy incorporating the changes to the Children’s Protection Act 1993 and have lodged the policy and a compliance statement for all affiliated Associations and Clubs. A copy of the SACA Affiliates and Club Protection Policy, and ongoing guidance and assistance regarding compliance with the requirements of the new legislation has also been provided to all affiliated Associations and Clubs.

2. Police Checks/Criminal History Assessments

The change in legislation that was phased in from January 2011 states that all paid or volunteer persons holding a ‘prescribed position*’ will now be required to undertake a ‘criminal history assessment’. This assessment is required to be conducted before the person is engaged or appointed. The assessment must include a police check unless an exemption** applies.

SACA is able to provide applicants with an authority number (Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number -VOAN) to obtain police checks at no cost only if the applicant’s Association or Club is affiliated with SACA.

Criminal history assessments must be conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Chief Executive for the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. As an affiliated Association or Club, SACA will assist in managing the strict requirements of the criminal history assessment process.

This requirement was phased in over a three year period. 

Affiliation with SACA can be obtained by simply registering with SACA’s Cricket Partnership Program. The steps required are outlined on SACA’s website. Failure to affiliate with SACA through the Cricket Partnership Program will require Associations or Clubs to individually comply with the requirements of the Children’s Protection Act.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact your local SACA Regional Cricket Team, or Club Development Leader.

*“Prescribed” Position

  • All people who have regular contact with children or regularly work in close proximity to children and are not directly supervised
  • Manage or supervise such personnel
  • Have access to records relating to children that are prescribed by regulation (child protection services, education services, health services, disability services, court orders and proceedings)

**Exemptions for SACA Affiliated Organisations (-the association or club are able to override these exemptions if stricter control is desired)

  • A person who volunteers who is less than 18 years of age
  • A person who undertakes, or a position that only involves, work that is not for the exclusive benefit of children and is not provided to any child on an individual basis
  • An organisation that provides equipment, food or venues for children’s parties or events but does not provide any other services
  • A person who is a police officer or a registered teacher