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Updated SACA Privacy Policy

SACA has updated its Privacy Policy. The update includes the following changes:

Collection of personal information

We have updated the types of personal information SACA collects, and the circumstances of collection, to include:

  • collection of an individual’s image, physical likeness or voice; and
  • collection when an individual attends cricket matches or other events at which SACA uses livestreaming and/or audio visual recording equipment.

We have clarified that other sensitive information (for example, about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin or religious beliefs) may be collected by reason of audio-visual images recorded at cricket matches or other SACA events.

Use of personal information

We have expanded the ways SACA may use personal information to include:

  • undertaking investigations and disciplinary actions in relation to cricket matches administered by SACA;
  • making broadcasting rights available to third parties in connection with cricket matches or other events administered by SACA;
  • identifying trends in SACA’s communications with members and in issues encountered by members; and
  • improving SACA’s services and operations.

Disclosure of personal information

We have amended the text regarding disclosure of personal information to:

  • include telephone contractors and livestream and other broadcasting contractors as third parties to whom SACA may disclose personal information;
  • provide that SACA may disclose personal information from its member database to its transcription and audio recording service provider, for the limited purposes of efficiently identifying members and communication trends and improving the customer experience; and
  • include a recommendation that individuals should consult the privacy policies of third parties to whom personal information may be disclosed (whether by SACA or directly by the individual, for example to the provider of call recording and transcription services), for information on how the third parties collect and handle personal information.

Sending personal information overseas

We have updated the information regarding sending personal information overseas to:

  • provide that, by submitting personal information to SACA, an individual is consenting to the transmission, disclosure, access and storage of that personal information by third parties in overseas jurisdictions;
  • provide that, whilst SACA undertakes reasonable and good faith efforts to engage with reputable overseas parties, Australian Privacy Principle 8 (i.e. the obligation for an organisation to take reasonable steps to ensure that an overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles) will not apply; and
  • set out consequences of an overseas recipient handling personal information in a manner inconsistent with the Australian Privacy Principles. This includes (amongst other matters) that SACA will not be accountable, and the individual will not be able to seek redress, under the Australian Privacy Act.

Rights relating to the personal information of individuals from the UK or EU

SACA has updated the provisions which apply to individuals using the SACA website or interacting with SACA from the UK or European Union, consistent with updates to the rights of those individuals under the UK and European Union privacy laws.