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SACA proposes elimination of Premier Cricket bye

February 07, 2017

South Australian Cricket Association President Andrew Sinclair has this evening presented to delegates from all 13 Premier Cricket Clubs a proposal which will pave the way for the removal of the bye in the Premier Cricket competition by adding a 14th team.

It is proposed that the SACA Under 19 State team will play in the Premier Cricket competition to eliminate the bye as well as a plan to consolidate Junior Cricket participation in the western suburbs.

SACA President Andrew Sinclair said, “With 13 teams in the Premier Cricket competition a bye is created each week which has negatively affected state players returning and wishing to play in the weekend competition.”

SACA’s first option was for a merger to occur delivering a 12-team competition and offered an incentive of $500,000 to assist in creating better facilities for the merged entity.

SACA’s preferred option was for a merger to occur in the western suburbs as it would also have eased issues with the standard and depth of junior cricket in that area.

The SACA Board has always been respectful of the history of individual cricket clubs. We did not want to see any club’s history disappear which is why we viewed a merger as the best option,” said Mr Sinclair.

Port Adelaide, Woodville and West Torrens have made attempts and the SACA Board appreciates those attempts but it is now quite clear that there will not be a merger.

We thank the West Torrens, Woodville and Port Adelaide cricket clubs for their consideration of a merger.

The SACA Board is resolute on addressing a Premier Grade Competition that includes a bye and the demographical challenges of the western suburbs to support three elite junior programs with West Torrens, Woodville and Port Adelaide Cricket clubs all drawing from the same talent pool.

SACA Board of Management proposal:

  • Eliminate the bye in the men’s Premier Cricket competition by including a 14th team. It is proposed that the SACA Under 19 State team will play in the competition.
  • To overcome the issues pertaining to junior cricket in the western suburbs, it is proposed to remove the burden on the Port Adelaide Cricket Club by fielding two junior teams instead of four as all other Premier Cricket Clubs with a junior program do. 
  • Mr Sinclair said, “The introduction of the State Under 19 team would fast track the development of the state’s best junior players. This is consistent with Cricket Australia programs with national underage teams competing in the Matador Cup competition as well as national age competitions. SACA would provide the best coaching and facilities available in order for them to progress onto senior State and National opportunities.”

    A consultation process will take place with all clubs in relation to this proposal.