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Learn more about the laws that govern the South Australian Cricket Association and its Members.

Important Documents

Click here to download the SACA Constitution [PDF]

Click here to download the SACA Nominations Committee Charter [PDF]

Click here to download the SACA By-Laws (includes the Prescribed Standards and Members Conduct Terms of Reference)* [PDF]


*SACA has made some amendments to the Membership By-Laws for the 2020-21 Membership Year.  The majority of the changes are to accommodate or reflect COVID-19 restrictions and requirements.  They also reflect potential balloting arrangements and a proposed credit scheme.  The COVID-19 related changes are contained in Part F of the updated By-Laws (commencing at page 22) and in Part D – the Membership Prescribed Standards.  Some changes relate to further clarifying that under the By-Laws Members are strictly responsible and accountable for:

  • the safety and security of their Member’s Identification Card and preventing any use by any other person (in any circumstances, whether accidental, known or unknown); and
  • the conduct and behaviour of their Associated Persons (i.e. any person using a TAC or Guest Pass issued to the Member)       

and may be subject to penalties.  Other changes are more minor in nature and are to clarify matters, correct typographical errors and update the contents page. The updated By-Laws with changes marked are available here.