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Learn more about the laws that govern the South Australian Cricket Association and its Members.

SACA Members voted to adopt a new constitution and legal structure for SACA at a Special General Meeting (SGM) held at Adelaide Oval on Thursday 7 June 2018.

The proposed reforms passed with a majority vote of 94% received in favour, more than the 75% approval required. The following table summarises the votes received.

SACA transitioned to its new Constitution and legal structure on Sunday, 1 July 2018.


  For  Against  Approval % 
Voting for Key Reforms    6490  376 94% 


Under clause 13.2(a) of SACA’s Constitution, the SACA Board may from time to time make, amend and repeal such By-laws and Regulations as it thinks fit for the purposes of SACA.

On 11 October 2018, the SACA Board amended By-Laws 1.10(e), 2.2(d) and 2.7(f) of the Membership of SACA By-Laws, to give the Board discretion in relation to removal of a person’s name from the SACA waitlist on lapse of a Membership Offer and in relation to the setting of deadlines for payment of Transferable Associate Card fees and payment of other fees and acceptance of Membership Offers. These amendments were made to facilitate the Board making a number of late Membership Offers to waitlisted persons this year, and to give the Board flexibility to do so into the future.

A mark-up of the relevant By-Laws may be viewed here.


Important Documents

Click here to download the SACA Constitution

Click here to download the SACA By-Laws

Click here to download the SACA Nominations Committee Charter