Following the 2016 Premier Cricket Reference Group (PCRG) meeting, it was agreed that a two-day coaches conference be held in preparation for the upcoming 2017/18 season.

The main objectives of the Premier Cricket Coaching Summit include continuing to recognise the importance of Premier Cricket and the value of its coaches, to connect coaches across Australian Cricket and to support, improve and develop the skills of coaches beyond accreditation level.

SACA and Cricket Australia are joining together to financially support delegates to attend the weekend.

SACA Coaching Development Coordinator Tom Rutherford highlighted the benefit of the Coaching Summit – especially with 12 of the 13 South Australian Premier Clubs involved.  

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share and learn from 120 Premier Cricket coaches from around the country, and an acknowledgement of the importance of Premier Cricket coaches within the Australian Cricket Pathway”, Rutherford said.

Seventeen Premier Cricket coaches from South Australia will attend the inaugural summit, 11 of whom coach male teams and six are coaches of female teams.


The following SACA Premier Cricket Coaches are attending:

Adelaide – Paul Pasculli (Men’s)

Adelaide University – Ben Hilliard (Men’s)

East Torrens  Wayne Bradbrook (Men’s)

Glenelg – Grant Francis (Men’s)

Kensington – Ben Johnswood (Men’s), Ashley Woodcock (Women’s)

Northern Districts – Chris Rowe (Women’s)

Port Adelaide – Matthew Weeks (Men’s), John Kerr (Women’s)

Prospect – Manning McInerney (Men’s)

Southern District – Andrew Staunton (Men’s), Llewelyn Hoy (Women’s)

Sturt – Ben Cameron (Men’s), Darius Wyatt (Women’s)

Tea Tree Gully – Peter Sleep (Men’s)

West Torrens – Mark Harrity (Men’s), Leigh Drennan (Women’s)