The fund has already assisted over 50 associations and 229 clubs and schools across the country to develop new competitions and teams for girls, as well as to support existing ones.

Schools are encouraged to apply for the GCG funding to become a host league, which has been pioneered this past season by Scotch College.

Scotch hosted a new four-team competition, which included Mercedes College, Westminster School and Pulteney Grammar School as part of their schools’ league.

Community cricket clubs and associations can also apply to become a host league to continue traditional rivalries between clubs, or they can also invite local schools to join their competition.

There is $2,000 per team and $5,000 per league up for grabs to assist in running these competitions in conjunction with SACA.

Key timelines for 2017/18 season – round two of funding

Applications open: Tuesday 18 April 2017

Applications close: Tuesday 6 June 2017

Applicants notified: Friday 30 June 2017

Click here for more information on GCG and how to apply for funding, or speak to your local SACA Game Development Officer.