1,097 days.

4,500 kms.

And more than 300,000 photos.

Those numbers paint the picture of Brett Bryson of Warradale Cricket Club, who walks an hour every single day between Sellicks Beach and Glenelg to raise awareness for depression and anxiety.

The humble leg-spin bowler, although he was rather quick to note that he has taken home the bowling trophy four years running, and C-grade captain continues to walk to combat the black dog.

Jason Conroy and Andrew Tonkin of Warradale Cricket Club have been extremely supportive throughout Brett's journey  

Promoting the walks solely through his Facebook page, ‘Blue Moon Beach Walks’, Brett will on Saturday complete a 12 hour, 50 kilometre walk from Christies Beach to Silver Sands Beach and back again.

Brett’s workplace and club have been extremely supportive of the pledge which allows him to complete the walk each day, having only missed one out of the last 1,097 only because he could not stand physically.

“My boss has been fantastic and the whole cricket club has been fantastic as well – they’ve allowed me to miss a couple of days of work or training when I need to complete an event,” he said.

“But we are not supermen and have to take a break every now and then, unfortunately the one day that I missed I could not move.”

Just one stunning example of the 300,000 plus photos captured on one of the many walks // Facebook: Blue Moon Beach Walks

Brett has been affected firsthand by depression having seen it been a part of his family structure, and felt like the commitment, similar to those struggling, was to become a part of his life.

“I wanted to do something permanent that people could look at every day whether through social media or speaking to me directly.

“People who have depression don’t have times when they can turn these things off – they have to deal with these things every day, whether it’s winter or summer, whether it’s a good day or a bad day.

“I wanted to show my commitment to support that.”

Brett's photography skills match his walking ability // Facebook: Blue Moon Beach Walks 

On holidays and through rain or shine Brett will keep walking until there is no beach for him to walk on.

To donate to the cause, visit the Blue Moon Beach Walks Facebook page, and for more assistance, visit Beyond Blue.