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Dress Standards

SACA Member Events require a higher dress standard than what applies to general attendees.

The SACA Members’ Enclosure at Adelaide Oval is a special place. For more than 140 years it has been a social hub during great sporting occasions. Fashions have changed over the years but the idea has remained the same; it’s a place to celebrate the special occasion by dressing appropriately.

SACA Members are encouraged to review the dress standards prior to attending a cricket match or member event. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are aware of SACA Member Dress standards.


SACA Members' Enclosure Dress Standards - Cricket Match Days (including cricket match day dining)

When entering the SACA Members' Enclosure on all cricket match days, please ensure you are dressed in accordance with the SACA Members' Enclosure Dress Standards. 

Children aged 10 and over must adhere to the Member dress standards.

All up market casual attire is acceptable as a minimum for both men and women, with the following exceptions;

Ripped, frayed or torn clothing is not permitted,

All attire must be in good condition and no obscene or offensive messages.

Shirts/ Tops/ Jackets are acceptable except:

  • Clothing that is see-through, exposes a midriff, has a low-cut or low-buttoned front, is ripped, frayed or torn is not permitted.
  • Males must wear a collared shirt. Note- Jackets and jumpers must have a collared shirt underneath.
  • All officially licensed replica players shirts for Adelaide Strikers, Redbacks, Australian team or visiting teams are permitted. Some other official merchandise may not meet the dress standards i.e. males aged over 10 years must wear a collared shirt.

Trousers/ shorts/ jeans are acceptable except:

  • Leggings and tights are only permitted under a dress or skirt.
  • Sport shorts, beachwear, overalls, boxers, yoga pants or track pants are not permitted.
  • Ripped, frayed or torn clothing is not permitted.

Dresses/ skirts are acceptable except;

  • Clothing that is see- through, ripped, frayed or torn is not permitted,

All footwear is acceptable except;

  • Rubber or plastic footwear (including thongs and Crocs) are not permitted.
  • Ugg boots and slippers are not permitted.
  • Sport shoes are acceptable but must be in good condition.

Hats/ headwear are acceptable except;

  • Beanies, sombreros or any other hats that block others view.
  • All Cricket Australia and Adelaide Striker fan giveway headwear is acceptable.
Click here to view the SACA Members' Enclosure Dress Standards for Cricket Match Days (including cricket match day dining)

SACA Members Events Dress Standards (non-cricket match day)

There is a higher dress standard required for SACA Members' Events. This includes all SACA Member events that are not on a cricket match day.

The SACA Members' Enclosure dress standard applies, with the following exceptions:

  • No shorts
  • No sport shoes
  • Men only- no sandals

Click here to view the SACA Member Events Dress Standards for non-cricket match day events.