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Cricket Partnership Program

Helping to grow and develop cricket improving the cricket experience of players, volunteers and officials inspiring the next generation of players and fans.

The ongoing Cricket Partnership Program is one key resource that all clubs and associations are encouraged to register with. It ensures access to a broad range of support for both players and officials.


What do Clubs & Associations receive?


  • SACA will provide the National Club Risk Protection program free of charge for Association directors, volunteers, players and coaches in Association representative teams.
  • Insurance coverage for Clubs at a competitive premium rate for all committee members, players, coaches and volunteers through the National Club Risk Protection program.
  • Annual online risk management self-assessment and registration


Premium rates for 2017/18


Prior to 30 November

From 1 December onward

Senior team

$100 each team

$130 each team

Junior team

$50 each team

$65 each team


Club & Association development

Important benefits to assist your Association/Club in complying with recent changes to legislation:

  • Affiliation under SACA’s Cricket Partnership Program will assist your Club or Association with Department of Communities & Social Inclusion compliance through SACA’s Affiliates and Club Protection Policy including SACA’s Child Protection Policy, Heat Management Policy, SA Police National Criminal Assessment Checks (at no cost), SACA and Community Carnival playing conditions
  • Good Sports Program
    • Promotion and guidance to assist Clubs to become good Sports accredited
  • Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) STARCLUB Development Program

  • Associations will also be able to access government policy and training resources
  • In conjunction with ORS, SACA will identify key areas for development, such as annual Child Safe Officer training, and arrange appropriate update sessions for Clubs & Associations
  • The free online STARCLUB Program enables all clubs 



  • Ongoing assistance and training opportunities in the MyCricket online national Club and competition management system.
  • Assistance with the entering of the Association fixtures to MyCricket
  • Access to create your own organisation's free website (50mb) via MyCricket



  • Regular updates on State and Community events, plus Club Development initiatives
  • Access to regular SACA news and promotions
  • Opportunities to promote your club through SACA's online newsletters and publications
  • Avenue to formally voice opinion/concerns to SACA through the South Australian Metropolitan Cricket Association (SAMCA) or the Country Zone Council
  • Updates on Club Development initiatives


Junior development

  • Provision of advice and guidance in relation to enhancing/establishing playing pathways
  • Guidance in relation to junior competition formats and playing conditions


Coach and umpire development

  • Free access to mandatory Introduction to Coaching Level 0 course (online) as well as ongoing coaching update sessions
  • Discounted rate for Club/Association team coaches to attend Level 1 & Level 2 Coaching Courses
  • Discounted rate for Association umpires to attend a Level 1 or Level 2 Umpiring Course
  • Free access to umpire update sessions


Volunteer recognition

  • Invitations to attend the SACA's volunteer recognition events
  • Opportunity to nominate persons from the association to receive:
    • Cricket Australia – 50 year service gold pin
    • SACA – 25 year service medal
    • South Australian Volunteer of the Year Award - invited to a Cricket Australia International match or hospitality presentation.



  • One full sized cricket bat autographed by the Adelaide Strikers 
  • One replica playing shirt autographed by the West End Redbacks or Adelaide Strikers
  • Acknowledgement as a participant in the state-wide STARCLUB Program through Local government
  • Assistance in relation to media, sponsorship proposals and marketing



  • Advice in relation to government grants including guidance in completion of applications
  • Provision of SACA letter of support for projects, development/funding applications
  • Access to funding support under the SACA's Club Facility Grant Program, with grants for artificial turf replacement and facility upgrades
  • Approved projects may qualify for Cricket Australia National Community Facility Funding Scheme.
  • Access to funding support through the GEAR UP program to assist in establishing new teams or updating equipment for established teams, or a free starter kit for new in2CRICKET Centres 
  • Advice in relation to government grants and guidance in the completion of applications


Association timeline

Associations are required to complete each of the registration steps below and to assist SACA in collection of premiums for the National Club Risk Protection Program 

By 30 October 2017:

  • Register for the National Club Risk Protection Program
  • Annual Registration in SACA’s Cricket Partnership Program

By 30 November 2017

  • Encourage your member clubs, as part of their affiliation with your association, to register for SACA’s Cricket Partnership Program, the National Club Risk Protection Program and are participating in the STARCLUB Program

What do you need to do to register?

Step 1 – Login to MyCricket -

If your Association or Club requires a MyCricket login, please email clearly identifying your organisation name (and which Association you are linked to if a Club), your name, your phone number and email address. A login will then be forwarded to you within 48 hours.

You cannot proceed to Step 2 until you have completed this step

Step 2 - Register for the National Club Risk Protection Program (Insurance)

  • Under the mode of ‘Organisation’, click ‘Organisation’,
  • ‘Insurance – Register’
  • Complete the five step process
  • See step 4 if you need to update contacts for parent organisation/s
  • On the census details screen, please take note of the teams that have been listed from the 2016/17 season. These teams may well be the teams billed for your club's insurance premium for the 2017/18 season by JLT. If there are any concerns with this, please do not proceed further and contact SACA to clarify if any changes need to be made to the number of teams listed.

You cannot proceed to Step 3 until you have completed this step

Step 3 - Complete the JLT Sport Risk Management questionnaire

  • Once the five step National Club Risk Protection Program process is complete, users will be prompted to complete a JLT Sport Risk Management questionnaire (click ‘Proceed to JLT’ which will open the JLT Sport website)
  • Alternatively, the JLT Sport Risk Management questionnaire can be found by searching the organisation name via the website
  • At the completion of the questionnaire you may be able to immediately obtain a copy of your Association or Club’s Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance
  • Any payments can be made directly to JLT at the point of completing the insurance questionnaire, or an invoice will be generated that details the various payment methods available for your club to make to JLT. Your club's Certificate of Currency may not be released by JLT until a payment has been received.


Step 4 - Update MyCricket contact details

Section 1 – Update contact for Parent Organisation/s

  • Under the mode of ‘Organisation’, click ‘Organisation’, ‘Contacts for Parent Organisation’
  • Select ‘South Australian Cricket Association’ (and any other parent Association a Club may be linked to)
  • Click ‘add a new designated contact’ and/or delete any old contacts

Section 2 – Update Office Bearers - Roles and Sub-roles

In order for SACA to have direct contact with key individuals within your organisation, Associations and Clubs are required to assign the following roles to specific participants:

Office Bearers Contact Team Officials Umpire (association only)
President Administrator Junior Coach Junior
Secretary Volunteer Senior Coach Senior
Ground Contact

  • Under the mode of ‘Organisation’, click ‘People’, ‘Person List’
  • Select ‘Any Role’ - ‘Any Sub-Role’
  • Search for a Person Name and click ‘Display List’
  • Double click on record which will open a new screen
  • Under the tab of ‘Roles’, add the new role under ‘Add New Role’
  • Alternatively, remove a current role by clicking ‘Remove’ under ‘Current Roles’
  • To add a contact, under the mode of ‘Organisation’, click ‘People’, ‘Add' a New Person’ and follow prompts (include specific ‘Role’ and ‘Sub Role’ in this process)

Step 5 - Join the STARCLUB Program

  • Registering your Association/Club is a once-off process, and begin the self-paced, online STARCLUB journey available through the Office for Recreation and Sport by submitting your organisation's responses to the best practice questions at

Step 6 - Register to join the Good Sports Program.

Good Sports is a free program and accreditation helps clubs meet licensing and alcohol management requirements. Clubs should seek to progress their current level of accreditation, or register online at


Step 7 - Complete declaration on SACA website