Premier League


Driving the next generation of SA's elite cricketers 

The South Australian Cricket Association’s new Premier League has been launched, with a program of matches spanning five months, including a feature T20 tournament in Adelaide and five matches in Darwin.

SACA High Performance General Manager Jamie Cox tonight also announced the captains of the six teams competing, as well as the new uniforms, team logos and a draft fixture.

Players from all teams attended a briefing session, hearing from SACA chief executive Keith Bradshaw, state coach Darren Berry and Mr Cox.

“It’s been two years in the making, but this is a big step for South Australian cricket. When we came up with this concept, it was based on the idea that we recognised South Australia’s elite cricket pathway needed reform,” he said.

“We believe it to be an Australian-first – the first time an international team will take part in a domestic cricket competition.

“It is a new and elite level of competition that will make a very positive impact among our cricket talent pool, and will hopefully encourage the best players to get the best out of themselves. We want to give our players every opportunity to be ‘first-class ready’, so that South Australia is in a stronger position as a cricketing state."

Mr Cox also confirmed the inaugural captains on the night;

Western Grit (RED)– captain Callum Ferguson; coach John Palmer.

Eastern Edge (BLUE) – captain Jake Brown; coach Ben Cameron.

Northern Mavericks (GREEN) – captain Andrew McDonald; coach Russell Thompson.

Southern Force (YELLOW) – captain Johan Botha; coach Mark Sorell.

NT Strike – captain Nick Berry; coach Tony Judd.

Digicel PNG Barramundis – captain Chris Amini, coach Peter Anderson.


Premier League Cup season program 2013/14

21st & 22nd September One Day (Darwin & Adelaide)
28th & 29th September One Day (Darwin & Adelaide)
5th & 6th October Two Day (Adelaide)
12th & 13th October Two Day (Adelaide)
20th October One Day (Adelaide)
7th & 8th December Two Day (Adelaide)
22nd December One Day (Adelaide)
3rd, 4th & 5th January Three Day (Adelaide)
8th & 15th February Two Day (Adelaide)

Premier League Twenty20 Cup

13th - 15th December Twenty20 (Adelaide)

SA Outbacks to play in SACA Premier League

SACA is pleased to announce that the SA Outbacks have been invited to participate in the SACA Premier League Twenty20 Cup competition. This competition will be played over three days from Friday 13 December to Sunday 15 December.

The SA Outbacks will play against Papua New Guinea and the Northern Territory on Saturday 14 December at Park 25. The top six teams in the competition will advance to day three (Sunday 15 December), playing off for the title on at Adelaide Oval.


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Download a copy of the Premier League Playing Conditions

Download a copy of the Premier League T20 Playing Conditions